Eddie La Marra: Misano returns it all six years later

With his victory in the Italian track, the Lazio driver has returned to feel more alive than ever on the stage where he almost lost his life.

It was a matter of thousandths that Eddie La Marra passed from everything to nothing in Misano. On August 27, 2013, the Italian track truncated the plans of the pilot of Lazio after a serious accident at the controls of a Ducati 1199 Panigale R while performing a private test A double brain bruise as a result of the strong fall caused the light of the pilot of the Superstock 1000 World Championship to go out with the Barni Racing and leader of the CIV Superbike, and at that moment his fight began to be another in which he fought to return to shine more than ever.

The aftermath of the accident forced doctors to induce him a pharmacological coma before subjecting him to a delicate operation in which achieved his first victory. But there were still more. After those kilometers in which he felt alive, they left him balanced on a thin line between which life and death could barely be distinguished, La Marra came out strong and paradoxically, he was proclaimed champion of the CIV. Superbike while still prostrate in the hospital, thanks to the advantage he had accumulated in the appointments he had previously played with performances in which he had won the trust of Ducati.

The Italian factory had in its plans to make the leap to the World Cup. SBK in 2014 with the pilot of Lazio, but the accident also stopped the plans of Borgo Panigale. After a long rehabilitation to talk and walk normally again, Eddie decided to park the world of two wheels to work as a truck driver . His brain injury had separated him from his future as a pilot, but he still had a gap to return to step on the asphalt, open gas and ignite the flame of that which was about to take it all: motorcycling.

Decidido, retomó the routine of a pilot to receive the OK of doctors and returned to realize his dream to the end of 2016 with his old team, Barni Racing, at the Coppa Italia. Only a year later, the CIV Superbike returned with a Panigale V2, which was provided by Motocorsa Racing and in 2018 it was on course for the Italian National Trophy Superbike. The eleventh position he achieved in him knew little. The Italian wanted to taste the podium again and an Aprilia RSV4 1100 of the Nuova M2 has fulfilled his desire.

La Marra has once again felt more alive than ever. Misano returned to save his life and after his victory in the National Trophy's inaugural meeting he could add: "I do not want to say many things, only one: for me is really important." Nearly six years ago, Misano took everything away from me. the most beautiful moment of my sports career, but everything that I had taken away has given me back with this victory ". There is no logic nor impossible. Just dead people who piloting achieve immortality with scenes that mark below the skin.

Photos from as.com
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