Durant keeps the guy and Golden State recovers from the debacle

Durant scored 38 at Staples to lead the Warriors to a new victory after suffering the biggest comeback in Playoffs history.

The Warriors woke up from the nightmare that had come to their mind when they starred in the losing side the biggest comeback in the history of the NBA Playoffs, 31 points, at the hands of the Clippers. He played catch-up and those of Steve Kerr took their champion race, which is what they are until another says otherwise, to mark territory again in this tie, which is 2-1.

The start was incontestable and was what cemented the great triumph of the Oakland team. The Clippers were anesthetized by the pace imposed by their rival: Curry drove at will and also dared to run, Iguodala provided the necessary knowledge on both sides and Looney went where there was no gap to crush. It was a real baile and the dot projections were going to high numbers. The Warriors quickly took an advantage that bordered the 15 points and they did not lower the pistón.

Ya the premises could do very well, it was not necessary to scratch. Golden State could not be left for the second consecutive game such a greedy advantage along the way. The moment Kevin Durant took advantage of, especially with a glorious run in the second quarter, making cash and numbers: 38 points scored the wing and that missed 7 triples. Durant has focused much of what goes on in series by the match he has suffered, and with all the weight of the word, with Pat Beverley, who tries to make life impossible in a strategy that clearly has enough logic but not It has so much effect with other shooters who are successful in the launch and having to deal with several flanks at the same time.

Destinct Durant because his numbers give him as leader of this game, but seeing the same appreciates the strength of the group that exists in These Warriors when relaxation does not hit them. That is what we have to fight against, we talked about it last October and we talk about it now: little has changed.

Only we could see some good detail of the Los Angeles team in the interior game, although very small and with a trap: Green added three triples and Zubac, single with double-double, took advantage of a fourth quarter and without opposition to add.

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