Ducati enjoys Bautista in SBK and does not need him in MotoGP yet

Davide Tardozzi, team manager, says: "He's doing amazing, and he wins for him, not for the bike, and he's where he should be, better there winning the title than here."

Álvaro Bautista's throwing in SBK, with nine wins of nine possible to date in his debut, is something that transcends until the MotoGP World Championship. As soon as we arrived at the COTA paddock, the scene of the Las Americas GP this weekend, Davide Tardozzi crossed paths with As and, when we told him that we were in Alcañiz, seeing the third triplet of the Spanish in situ, the team manager was full of praise the talaverano. Eso, made it very clear that the site of the 19 at this time is the championship of motorcycles derived from the series and not the prototypes, although we gave an idea that fitted with a smile accomplice ...

"Bautista He's doing amazing, he wins for him, not for the bike, and he's where he should be. Better there winning the title than here, "he says at first before emphasizing that " the new Ducati is very good, but he wins for him, for how he drives it, he takes it like a MotoGP and it looks like he has enormous confidence. Bautista, actually, he throws and plays it only in the first two or three laps, because then he goes strolling and enjoying ".

For Ducati it is not a mistake to have lost a pilot like that for MotoGP but a success to have won it for SBK. By suggesting that he be picked up sometime for the queen class, he says at the same time he leaves:" Deja , leave, that is well there and you have to win the title ". And when you tell him that, at the pace he is going, he is already a champion in summer and he could then fight him for the last MotoGP races ... there he did not say anything , but he shrugged and smiled, hinting that he liked the idea. To this day, Ducati enjoys a Baptist in SBK and does not need him in MotoGP, but who knows later, because they do not forget his great race last year in Australia as a substitute for Lorenzo ...

By the way, that loss of 250 revolutions in the engine of the SB4 Panigale V4R by regulation, to try to match Bautista with his rivals, mainly Rhea and his Kawasaki, take it to laugh in Ducati, because some people say that until now it was partially capped, with which no loss of power should be noted. This weekend in Assen they will realize it.

In that paddock from the ranks of Kawasaki have assumed that Ducati has passed them over, with a motorcycle of 40,000 euros on the street that is actually worth more, which has 252 horsepower against the 227 of its ZX 10 RR, and gives 16,350 rpm compared to its 14,600. Of course, compared to the 300 rpm disadvantage with the BMW (14,900) they do not say anything, because they win it. And it is that more than the maximum number of revolutions what matters is the way to give them. And that's the best the new Ducati, in the hands of Bautista, because his partner Davies does not come close to his results.

Photos from as.com

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