Domenicali: "Márquez feels the pressure, he will make more mistakes"

The CEO of Ducati sees vulnerable to the ilerdense after his fall in Austin and believes that he can fail more times if his rivals continue to pressure him.

With his fall when he was on his way to another victory for his immaculate résumé in Austin, Márquez not only lost 25 points and his unbeaten condition in the Texas circuit, he also sent a message that his rivals did not take long to celebrate: he is also vulnerable. If he has failed in one of his favorite tracks and when leading alone with a clear advantage, why can not he do it in other less favorable conditions for him. Claudio Domenicali, the executive director of Ducati, is the same question.

The boss of one of the main rival factories of Marc and Honda does not question the talent of the ilerdense, something amply demonstrated, but the mistake he made in the COTA has smelled blood and, like a shark does with its prey, asks the rest to continue chasing and pressing the reigning champion. "Marc is an extremely talented driver, but he also feels the pressure, so the more his rivals intervene, the more mistakes he will make", the Italian president declares to ''.

The next race will be in Jerez on 5 May, where Márquez feels at home for the support of the public and because he has never gotten off the podium in MotoGP, but Domenicali hopes to sink his teeth again and stay in the lead with Dovizioso: "I am sure that We can beat him on the track because we did it no more than three races (in Qatar) and many times in the past ". Rossi and Rins are the other sharks who are ahead and who will want to hunt him, but Marquez is an expert in getting away ... and getting away with it.

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