Dirk Nowitzki vs Dwyane Wade: Who has a better career?

The withdrawal of both stars opens the debate and touches on which of the two has better career in a league where they have left direct confrontations for the story.

Dwyane Wade and Dirk Nowitzki played their last game in the NBA last night. Both players have marked a before and after in the best league in the world and have been benchmarks in their respective franchises. If we combine both players, we see that they add 4 rings, more than 40,000 points, 27 selections for the All Star ... endless achievements that form two enviable résumés and that (with complete certainty) are going to put the finishing touch with the Hall of Fame and the withdrawal of the shirts of their respective teams.

However, the withdrawal of both players franchise has opened, how could it be otherwise, a new debate. Which of the two has the best career? In a league where comparing players, teams or even 'eras' is a custom, this debate has a place ... and if we look closely at the numbers of both stars we can see that it is not an easy discussion to solve.

Let's start with the German. His achievement sheet is enviable and almost endless. Removes with more than 30,000 points (sixth highest historical scorer) the record for most seasons wearing the same shirt (21 with Dallas) , an MVP of the season (first and only European so far to achieve it), an MVP of the Finals (second to get it after Tony Parker) 14 selections for the All Star Game and 12 selections for the best quintets of the season (4 in the first). All this with a champion ring that put, in 2011, the icing on the cake to his career.

These stats leave Nowitzki, not only as one of the best players of his generation, but also as one of the best in history . You have to keep in mind that he was (and still is) the only European to be the franchise player of an NBA team. Mark Cuban built a team around him, betting on his talent and has left him as the epicenter of Dallas, also receiving the same treatment that other American stars have enjoyed in the final phase of his career. He is, at the moment, the only European who can boast of being treated in this way in a league that has always thrown more towards his. Nowitzki changed this dynamic, he was a pioneer, he opened the door to following generations and became the reference and, almost without any doubt, the best European ever. It is possible that this is where his true value resides.

However, Wade is not far from German. The longevity and its long trajectory has allowed the power forward to score more points and take more rebounds than the guard. However, the average of Wade in points per game is higher (22 by 20.7), as well as that of assists and theft of . And, the most curious thing, it equals him in plugs (0.8 for both) being one of the outer men that has stood out the most in this facet.

In 16 seasons, the American has been selected 13 times to the All Star and has achieved things that Doncic's former teammate has never achieved: the All-Star MVP and the title of top scorer. In addition, he is backed by the 3 NBA rings he has achieved for only 1 of Dirk, which in addition to the title and the final of 2006, only managed to advance to one more Conference Final (2003, against Spurs) .

More data

Nevertheless , not only have to take into account the most general data to talk about who is the best. Ben Rohrbach, Yahoo Sports journalist, highlighted some comparative data between the two stars that can clarify the debate. The reporter highlights, among other things, the number of seasons in which the players extended their best individual moment. Wade, the explosion came in his sophomore year, and was a top player in the league (always according to Rohrbach's criteria) until 2015: In this time he averaged 24.8 points (with almost 50% in field goals) , 5 rebounds and 6 assists. In this period, he was the best player of his team in 6 campaigns (Shaq was in one and LeBron in the four in which they shared costumes) and added three champion rings.

Nowitki meanwhile had his best moment in his third and extended it for the next 12 years, in which he averaged 24 points and almost 9 rebounds per duel. He won a champion ring at this time and was, always, the best of his team. For the journalist, the biggest difference is the performance of each team and the individual. Dallas always passed the 50 victories and the German won the MVP in 2007, besides being in the fight always and being voted among the top ten for the award season after season. The closest Wade was to winning the prize was in 2009, when he finished third in the vote after LeBron and Kobe. These numbers give Nowitzki the advantage over Wade in this section according to the journalist, who argues that the 2007-08 season,the one that the Heat stayed in 15 victories, is an insuperable slab for the escort, that was injured more than the European in this period.

The best season of each one can also give rise to the conflict. Wade averaged 30.2 + 5 + 7.5 in 2008-09. Dirk's best year was that of the MVP (24.6 + 8.9 + 3.4) in 2007, although the previous year he had already signed an impressive 26.6 + 9 + 2.8. The German has overcome the barrier of 25 points per game on 5 occasions, the same as Wade, who has a higher maximum. That Dwyane perform his best performances in a worse team and East, also puts the journalist ahead Nowitki in this section.

The same happens at the cultural level. Spoelstra went on to say that Wade had in Florida the same importance as the mayor, but the 21 seasons of Nowitzki in Dallas, as well as the already mentioned impact that has had to be European, can make him have more influence in this aspect than the escort in Miami, although in the end we would have to ask the fans.

The Finals of 2006, the eternal argument in favor of Wade

Although Nowitzki is ahead of the escort in many aspects, there is an irrefutable argument that could leave Wade as possible winner of the debate: the Finals of 2006. In playoffs, the German has better averages, especially in points, where he averages 25 per game for 22 of his rival, but in the Finals, where they have faced twice, the escort comes out winner, and in those direct duels this type of debate can be decided.

The 2006 NBA Finals marked a before and after in Wade's career, and They will be your trump card for history. After two first encounters in which his team was defeated in Dallas and they seemed to decant the final ahead of schedule, the then pupil of Pat Riley awoke from his 'lethargy' and made in the next four meetings 42, 36, 43 and 36 points. Almost 35 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists. Almost 40 points per game in the last 4 duels. Some endings that he won practically alone, and that supposed his consecration in the history of the league. Only Michael Jordan and Shaquille O'Neal had held similar exhibitions in recent years.

Here Nowitzki clearly beats the duel. The German was only 23 points and 11 rebounds and did not appear in the key moments, and the escort was master of the Finals, which obviously took the MVP. It is said that the German stayed in the dressing room until 4 in the morning after the defeat.

Not even the Finals won by Dallas in 2011 settle the balance in favor of the German , which although went to 26 points and 10 rebounds per duel, improving the numbers of 2006, he found a great Wade (26.5 + 7 +5) that stood out above a faded LeBron. Of course, the power forward was finally made, with its champion ring.

The debate is for many pages and leaves none clearly above the other. The general numbers of Nowitzki seem better than those of Wade, many for longevity. But on the other hand, the End of 2006 mark a turning point difficult to ignore. Of course, will be the duels between the two and the spectacular clash of talent in both finals that will remain in the retina of the fans. The talent of two stars who have finished their stage in the NBA.

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