David López and Piatti: "With this injury you return to the earth"

Both share recovery of the cruciate ligaments, the injury to a footballer. "We want to feel strong again and play well," they commented for Espanyol TV.

Three weeks apart, Pablo Piatti and David López suffered the worst injury a footballer can suffer, the rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the knee, known as LCA. To the Argentine, the inflammation delayed his operation, which took place at the same time as the captain's: in fact, both were admitted at the same time to the Clínica Quirón de Barcelona, after exposing themselves to the now traditional hands of Dr. Ramon Cugat. A recovery that will also be lived in parallel.

"When I fell I already felt weird, something was not right.When he heard the 'clack', I started to cry of rage because you know what you have what you face," recalls Piatti . "I did not feel pain, but when I took some steps I saw that I could not support well." It was a play in which the impetus of the match made me go to an area that I did not owe , "explains David López for Espanyol TV. "The click I did that same night, you think about it but you want to reverse it, Cugat advised me to wait for surgery and in the end it was fine", recalls the Argentine. "The first days are hard, you are in bed with a drain, you can only rest and you can not do anything. Then the hardest moment comes, you realize the magnitude: a leg without strength and a big scar," says David López. Seven weeks of their operations have already passed.

An injury of such magnitude brings players back to reality and teaches them what is most important. This is what Piatti considers: "I realized many things: the value of the group and the technical staff, you return to earth, you calm down", while David López recognizes that the mind plays a decisive role: "It is an injury of ups and downs. , there are better days and others where it gets inflamed, Luckily you have the support of the companions Sometimes I have the same symptoms as Piatti ".

They are already immersed in a set-up that on the one hand should help them recover their mobility and on the other, the muscle mass that has been lost due to inactivity. A process that can take them between six and eight months without being able to compete one hundred percent, which would mean that until October or November could not play again. A setback also for the configuration of the template for the next campaign, which should be More extensive than this.

However, they prefer to take firm steps rather than take quick steps. "No obsesses to play again, but return and be good, I want to feel good, strong and compete," says the end, who believes that the team "showed character and took off the backpack." For the captain, "the key is to return well, not fall back, and get a good physical shape." Believes that the "nerves because the depressed pressed" have already passed.

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