Curry shoves Shaq and leaves Kareem out in his historic Top-5

The base has indicated what are in his opinion the five best players in history and has got O'Neal while ignoring Kobe Bryant or the legendary center of the Lakers.

The debate about the best player in history is a recurring theme in the NBA and is being commented on in recent times. We have already seen how Jordan put his rings of individual exploits of Harden and Westbrook ahead, as Shaq said that Kobe should be in debate of the best player in history, as the own escort claimed that he did not enter into discussions that he could not win and as he then proclaimed himself the best of all time (jokingly) and then put Jordan ahead of LeBron (not so joking) .

We also saw recently as Iguodala and Draymond Green placed his teammate Stephen Curry as the second best base in history just behind Magic Johnson. The debate gave much to talk about at the time, and in recent days the base has been questioned about those who, according to him, occupy the top 5 historical. His response has not left anyone indifferent and has reopened a debate that seems never to be definitively closed.

Curry has pointed to Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, Shaquille O'Neal and LeBron James as the top five players of all time (without specifying the order). This classification has left out basketball players like Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who are usually in this type of conversations.

La absence most commented has been the Kareem. The center of the Lakers, 6 times champion of the NBA, top scorer in history and 19 times All Star, is usually a fixture among the five best in history, and this time, Curry has left out by putting forward indoor men as Wilt Chamberlain or Shaquille O'Neal. It also seems curious the absence of Kobe Bryant with these two players ahead, although in the list it seems that the base chooses one player per position sacrificing to 4 to put two pivots. Curry has not gotten himself between this select group, which would not be surprising in a league where a week does not pass without a player is proclaimed as the best.

A chapter in a debate that does not seem to close and that sure that will continue giving talk in the coming dates. In the NBA, everyone is willing to talk about the issue and every time someone does they run ink rivers for and against such opinions.

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