Cristiano: "Zidane knows how to work intelligently"

The Portuguese praises the Frenchman in the documentary 'Zidane, Realement Madrid', which will be broadcast this Wednesday at 11pm in RMC Sport 1.

Zidane, Realement Madrid is an exclusive documentary of the program Transversales that will be broadcast tomorrow, Wednesday, at 23:00 hours, in RMC Sport 1. After returning to the bench of Real Madrid nine months after resigning, the French chain wanted to translate into a report the love story between the French and the white club. For this, has gathered testimonies of players and personalities who have worked with Zizou in recent years, including Cristiano Ronaldo and Sergio Ramos.

"I think Zidane knows how to handle the team in an intelligent way. All the players would like to play a lot, but he knows how to work intelligently and manages to involve all the players, "said Cristiano, whom Zidane persuaded not to play all the minutes of all the matches in order to reach the stages. end of the season in physical fullness. The Frenchman was the first coach to convince him to rotate and not obsess to play everything. Between both there was a special connection. In fact, Zidane did force for Cristiano not to go to Juve. "You have to stay yes or yes," said the coach after the end of Thirteenth asked for the statements of the player in which he left in the air his future. The departure of Cristiano (and the non-sale of Bale) was one of the reasons that motivated the farewell of Zizou ...

In Zidane, Realement Madrid also appears the opinion of Sergio Ramos, captain of Madrid. The Sevillian surrendered to his coach: "Zidane's career speaks for him, what he did as a player, he does as a coach. He found a way to transfer the talent he had as a player to his role as coach to direct and administer a wardrobe, like ours, does a fantastic and unique job, the results are not a coincidence ".

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