Coulthard does not rule out Alonso returning to F1 in 2019

David Coulthard ensures that if this situation occurs, the hunger, motivation, ego and audacity of the Asturian would make him return to the 'Great Circus'.

"If I go back to Formula 1, which I doubt, it will be to win the World Championship." This is the statement that Fernando Alonso made after driving a single car after his withdrawal from the 'Grand Circus' at the Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi 2018, a testimony that David Coulthard does not share.

Questioned about the surprising performance that has shown the MCL34 in the tests of Albert Park and Sakhir, Coulthard ensures that if McLaren begins to glimpse that a specific path can fight for the podium, Alonso will replace Carlos Sainz or Lando Norris: "Can we establish a period of time on when Fernando Alonso will once again drive a Formula 1? If McLaren starts to build an image in which they know that a certain circuit could be suitable for them, If Fernando really thinks he could go back to the podium, I have no doubt that he has his hunger, motivation, ego and audacity will make him come back and say: 'There You have it, guys, this is what I can offer you. "

The pilot of Twynholm argues in the podcast 'On The Marbles' on 'Channel 4' his theory, giving as an example the strategy he executed last season Red Bull in the Great Monaco and Mexico prizes: "The teams will have a verdict while the season progresses on the position of their cars. For example, Mexico is a track on which Red Bull thought last year that they would have a good performance due to the high altitude. The configuration of the turbo in the Renault engine penalized less, in comparison with Mercedes and Ferrari, and really believed that they had a chance to win. And it turns out they went and did it, in the same way they thought about Monaco, where the power depends less. "

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