Correa postpones the Alirón

The rojiblanco team, under a deluge, did the homework and won at Valencia, with goals from Morata, Griezmann and Correa. Gameiro and Parejo tied twice.

You must wait for the Barça alirón. A Barca outstanding yesterday of this game, which could make him champion without leaving the couch. Only had to lose it Atleti. Salto Marcelino in the Metropolitan without Cheryshev, knee broken, Guedes in the left and two forwards up, Gameiro and Mina, without experiments. It was the team that played the most, be fourth, the Champions, in this afternoon of Quique González song, afternoon of dogs, cold, rainy and unpleasant, before a tier full of umbrellas and holes where the water came, before 43,531 brave .

Marcelino gave Atletico the ball home, forcing him to take control while his men waited crouched in their own field after a train and a bus. But the rojiblancos came out as if they were still playing LaLiga and Barça did not cool the cava of the celebration. Pundonor is the first commandment of Cholismo. The reference was Lemar, who opened the way with his dribble, the dagger Morata wore in the boot. In the minute 8 I would dance to the Metropolitan Wanda in the rain and the soundtrack of the goal.

Because Morata is a player-blessing for any center, giving a master-class of movements every game. Koke was looking for him, Juanfran found him, who traveled the band with his old skin inside. At the second post Morata appeared for the auction, beating Garay. Everything had started in Lemar. In Lemar and an opening. A Lemar who was doing poetry in the rain.

Atlería followed with the command, with Juanfran and the Frenchman very open, arriving a lot, with circulation and fast transitions. Lemar made Wass broken in every duel in the band. It would take Valencia to assimilate the blow. But as soon as he did, his reply went up to the scoreboard. The rojiblanca threat had been diluted, the Atleti had the ball but without chances, and Marcelino left trains and buses. Parejo and Guedes took a step forward, went up the pressure Valencia, Simeone changed to Lemar de banda. Guedes first warned, with a counter that filled the air of the Oblak area with omens. They signed between Mina and Gameiro on the next move.

Because they scored the second, they did not celebrate, or if they did it was lukewarm, but the medal that shone on the chest of the first one. In two movements and a hat broke Rodrigo and Godín and, in the midst of the heat of the heart of the area, had pause and temper. He decided not to throw away but to give the ball to Gameiro to be stamped on the Oblak network. Yesterday he did not lack a finger or left half a boot when kicking, as so often happened in the Atleti. The break came just after a header from Santi Mina that went off between a handful of uys.

Griezmann's goal and his replicas

After the talks of the break and a broth to warm up he returned the match where he had started: gravitating around of Lemar. A Lemar who asked for more focus and prominence, tireless. Encaraba, tempered, associated with Morata, Koke and Griezmann. So the 2-1 arrived. After a collective play and a header from Grizi, who ate Gayà. Lolololo sang the grandstand, as if rain had stopped wetting.

Se went Guedes (angry) and Oblak made his paradón of each match against Carlos Soler. Filipe left (cheered) and Neto broke with the chest a shot from close range Morata (offside). Another shower was coming. Of goals. Two in four minutes. First of Parejo, to tie, after the referee consulted the VAR screen and punished with a penalty Saul's hand, there already left-handed, before a shot by Gameiro. After Angel Correa, the thunder that Simeone is often saved in the bank as master letter. If someone needs less for the impossible, it is him. With a span, a spark is enough.

Received Thomas on the front and only turned to the goal. Sublime very tight thread to the stick. The cellar in the Camp Nou will continue cooling. Your alirón will have to wait a few days. The best Lemar no longer.

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