Cheryshev miss the rest of the season

The Russian has "a ligamentous capsule injury in his right knee with fracture of the tibial plateau" after the action that took place last night at Villamarín.

Bad news for Marcellin. Cheryshev loses the rest of the season after the action that occurred in last night's game against Betis, in which there was a very ugly gesture on the knee. According to the medical report issued by Valencia, "after the tests carried out this Monday, Denis Cheryshev has a ligamentous capsule injury in his right knee with fracture of the tibial plateau. The player will be low for the remainder of the season" .

The player avoids the rupture of ligaments, which would have been the worst possible injury. However, says goodbye to the season as there is barely more than a month left for the completion of the same . The Russian loses the Cup final and the Europa League semifinals. Marcelino, in addition, loses options to put Guedes in tip since always that it had done it, Cheryshev had acted in the left side.

The Valencia must decide now two things. The first one, with Cheryshev injured, exercises a purchase option of seven million euros which is fixed in its assignment contract of Villarreal. On the other hand, the club could take on Kang In Lee, who left on Saturday to concentrate with South Korea's U-20 team to play the World Cup in Poland. Without Cheryshev, the Korean might be important in this season finale.

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