Cerezo: "Griezmann will stay at Atlético a thousand por mil"

The president said after the Sports Gala: "It's not about closing the door, Griezmann has a contract that was renewed last year and I do not think anyone thinks he wants to leave."

Enrique Cerezo has cleared any hint of doubt in the possible departure of Griezmann from Atlético de Madrid next summer. The president rojiblanco secured El Rondo TVE in Catalonia during the Gala of Sport held in Alicante: "Griezmann will be an athletic player for many years. Let's see if they leave in peace the Griezmann theme that is not going to go. There are no options for him to leave next summer, he will stay at Atlético a thousand times a thousand. "

The Atlético president attended the media after the gala in which he collected a prize for the colchoneros:" There are many interviews and Griezmann is an Atletico player, he is very comfortable and he has a long time in Atlético and there is nothing more to talk about, we have important players and everyone loves them, but unfortunately they are from Atlético. Griezmann has a contract that was renewed last year and I do not think anyone thinks he wants to leave. He is a player of Atlético and I said it a year ago and I do not expect to repeat it a lot. In Atlético all the players are happy and happy but there is always someone who, due to a series of circumstances, has to go, but that does not mean that we should always ask for them. Tomorrow we have an important game against Girona and against Barça we will go to win the match to have options in the League ".

The elimination of Atlético de Madrid in the eighth of the Champions League against Juventus reopened rumors of exit Griezmann on his way to Barcelona at the end of this season.The French termination clause will drop from 200 to 120 million euros from June 1. The Catalan press has insisted that the player wants to leave Madrid to go to Barcelona. While the '7' of Atletico silenced the rumors after the game with France: "I'm already used to this and I'm also fed up, every year is the same" .

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