Celtics hit the Pacers: warning and (almost) field advantage

Indiana lost at home to Boston. The greens are starting to show a much better face, with the game that should be demanded.

The Celtics traveled to Indiana with the intent to smack the wounds, since in the last confrontation there they had not left very well unemployed, but above all with the assurance that, in addition to being a shock that will occur again in the playoffs, could mand a notice to navigators. The first ones, the ones in front of them. And did it with all of law .

Boston has been a disaster in most of the regular season starting from the base that ruled last summer that they were the top favorites for the title on the side of the Eastern Conference. When you have to recover a team is when you split the cod and a the Celtics are beginning to light the face .

The Pacers held on to the praise because they found a way to hurt Brad Stevens' team: indoor balls and good cuts from Thaddeus Young and Domantas Sabonis, each in his time on the court, to draw a ritmo and a plan that they had enough hair. But the greens came out with the individual sparks and there it is noted that, adding to the equation the loss of Victor Oladipo, they won by template to the Pacers.

Two plays in the post of Horford and one of Irving, all individual, followed by a tray on the speaker of Gordon Hayward, who finished with 9/9 in shots for 21 points, already raised to more than ten the advantage of the visitors to rest.

The good work in both rings of Aron Baynes (also that of Marcus Morris, although much less lucido for the spectator) and the irruption of Jayson Tatum breaking lines and coming out against the put put and twenty in the absence of ten minutes and there was no more to talk.

The fight to enter the playoffs is pretty in the East, but we must not lose this one: the one that will decide which of the two, Celtics or Pacers, has the field advantage in the first round than both, except capital surprise will play.

Photos from as.com
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