Cazorla: "I've recovered, people deserve to be on top"

The Spaniard parks the missed penalty in the last minute against Betis and just think about Valencia in Europa League.

Santi Cazorla went to press conference to show that he is already "at the top and wanting to fight," the midfielder said that "the support of people makes you wake up right away." Some people say that "it deserves us to be for all and with all the strength to take this forward". For the half comes a tie with Valencia to which they do not resign, since "we must not give up anything," he said.


Con queas to face what is coming and thinking about the game of Valencia and , changing the chip and thinking about winning this tie.

Has it received a lot of support?

With the support of everyone and the affection of the people, to which is added what we are playing, you have to throw forward. I can not change things about the penalty, it is clear that I was annoyed as was all the costumes, I was touched after the three suits received in a week and I went through a difficult time. But football is still there, we are alive to achieve the goal and I must focus on it.

What message did you send to people?

I already put the message in networks that I will keep trying, I will continue taking responsibilities and do everything what touches me For the people who suffer for this club we must go out to the field and try to win every game.

How do you feel the feelings of a kid like Íker?

I have seen the video of Iker, I have a great friendship with him , since I've seen it many times after finishing the matches. He spent a year suffering with the team and one day we agreed after a game that we had not won, and when I left I saw him crying and told him I did not want to see him crying for a defeat. Now it is he who has made me a video to cheer me up and he is an example for everyone. We must focus on his spirit of life, what he contributes and for people like him, which is why I decide to get up with optimism and turn the page. Whatever he sends, what he wants and what dedication he wants, we will do it.

They are suffering a lot of damage ...

The team has done things to have more points and be out, we have made merit for more, but the team wears everything the year suffering and receiving sticks, it takes all the year trying to leave there and it does not arrive. But I see a strong team, a committed team and we are a good human group, so I am optimistic to be able to solve it. We depend on us and hopefully we can get it.

If we had to choose, would they give up something?

We do not give up anything, we will not throw away any competition, we know it is a complicated tie against a very strong team like Valencia. We know that the priority is the league, but we are not going to throw away the Europa League, we want to go to the semifinals.

She confronts Marcelino again ...

I know Marcelino and I know how he faces things, they will not trust anything . They are going to propose a complicated and intense match, they will not relax at all. They know that in Europe they will propose a hard elimination.

What do you think about the insults that Marcelino received in Vallecas?

The sad thing about football is seeing the songs and insults to a person, that does not fit into the grass we want. You can want your team to win, but always with respect for each person. In this case I give my support and encouragement to Marcelino.

How is the wardrobe after three suits so close?

Nos that series hurts, I already laugh, but it was three hard games. There are three games in which the team did things well, had them in hand and escaped. We had many illusions, what made that after the game of Vigo, the goal of Suarez and Betis, you sink in that moment. But we are in good spirits, we are eager to face whatever comes. We are in descent and we must raise our heads to get the team down there.

How are you?

I'm already up, I'm looking forward and that's the message I want to give. We were screwed, but we're back to the fight again. Whoever is fucked to get away, we need people who are hooked to the fight and help us, to bring us and pull the car. We have no complaint of our fans and with your help we will go ahead.

Is favorite Valencia?

We want to go through the tie, they may be favorites, but so were Zenit or Sporting Lisbon. We know we should focus on the league and we are in that, but the team is not going to give up anything. We want to play the semifinal and we are going to fight hard.

In the League it is clear that yes but in Europe, do they have the same pressure?

333333 It's true that in Europe we play without that pressure, it's something that we talk about in the dressing room and that we notice in the field. Sales more liberated in these games, you do not have the pressure of the situation and that makes people loose and not get so stiff with each move.

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