Cattaneo-Hem and Carpinteiro-Davies conquer Ibiza

Both couples were the winners of their respective categories. A total of 647 runners have completed the three stages of this edition.

The last stage of the XIX edition of the Vuelta a Ibiza in MTB, the fastest of all, has shown that the bikers who have come to Ibiza are unstoppable: almost the thousand registered have taken the start this morning at 9 : 30 hours in Sant Antoni to face the last stage, despite the complicated and demanding two previous stages. It has been 647 the finishers who have completed the three stages of the Vuelta.

Today the victory has been for the couple formed by Marco Rebagliati and Martino Tronconi teammates of Johnny Cattaneo and Oleh Hem (Willier) that after a puncture of José María Sanchez and Enrique Morcillo (Buff Scott Team) have been imposed in the general classification of this edition. "It has been a beautiful day because our team has won, and of course it has been a spectacular stage for all of us. If the weather is a little longer I would like to go back for the third victory in Ibiza ", explained Cattaneo as soon as he crossed the line in Sant Antoni.

Enrique Morcillo and José María Sánchez, second in the general classification, came out conservatives, and even knowing that the stage was short: "our strategy was to start pressing at kilometer 20, where the most technical descent was, and when pressing, José María has punctured, as I did the first day", explained Enrique Morcillo what happened this morning. José María Sánchez commented that this edition has been characterized by the high competitive level of the participants, with three big teams in the head in this final stage.

For Charlotte Davies and Celina Carpinteiro (BTT Loulé / Elevis) the stage has gone very well , since they have been able to complete it practically alone. "Today we had to control, we had six minutes of advantage, we decided to pull hard from the start, and we were alone, and that's how we arrived, alone until the end. We would like to come for the third victory next year, of course! "Celina Carpinteiro was happy, along with Charlotte Davies, they have proclaimed themselves champions of the 19th edition of the Vuelta.

El mundo del engine shines in the Vuelta

One more year the experts of the engine of our country have come to Ibiza to test themselves at the controls of a mountain bike and before a scenario that leaves its comfort zone. Marc Coma, Aleix Espargaró, Gerard Farrés, Roberto Merhi and Jaume Masiá, all have been finishers of the event, with special mention to the times of Espargaró (2:05:10) and Merhi (2:13:25) in this third stage.

"It has been a very fun stage, I have been on the brink since I left until I arrived. You can feel the fatigue of the previous two days. Yesterday I had to go alone because Vicent had to retire and it shows a lot of wear and tear and today I noticed. I hope next year is dry and that I adapt a bit more to the MTB but I do not miss the October cyclist ", so motivated was Roberto Merhi, who also took the opportunity to comment that he will soon be able to communicate his plans of future linked directly with the F1.

General classification

Men pairings:

1º Johnny Cattaneo and Oleh Hem // Willier7C Force (8:33:29)

2º Enrique Morcillo and José María Sánchez // Buff Scott Team (8:37: 42)

3º Ismael Esteban and Felipe Orts (8:44:17)

Female Couples:

1º Celina Carpinteiro and Charlotte Davies // BTT Loulé / Elevis (11:39:00)

2º Nuria Picas and Mayalen Noriega / / TBELLES Cannondale (11:52:42)

3º Bárbara Genga and Nadia Pasqualini // Team Fausto Coppi Fermignano (11:53:31)

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