Cáseres: "In Europe we arrived in a different way to LaLiga"

Santi Cáseres predicts a tie between Villarreal and Valencia equal and in which the trajectory of each other in LaLiga will not influence.

Santi Cáseres augurs a tie between Villarreal and Valencia equal and in which the trajectory of each other in LaLiga will not influence the development of the quarterfinals of the Europa League. He considers that one of the main difficulties of measuring up to Valencia is that "he is a rival who knows us well enough" and he sees key for his team to be able to get back to the semifinals of the tournament in the Ceramic Stadium.

Sensaciones: "We have the feeling of previous qualifiers, more or less complicated in the league and with great enthusiasm in this competition, we must stay on the sidelines in this competition and leave the league aside. other matches in this competition, with the level of seriousness and play of the other eliminatory, with the idea of adding a victory and not receiving goals. "

Europa is different: " I think the qualifiers is a separate competition and faces in another way, we have already shown that we know how to play it and that we have competed well with great teams, we have not suffered so much, we are in a good level in the Europa League and now we reach the quarters with a great rival and playing a derby. and prepared for it ".

Rival Spanish: " It is true that this game is more complicated than the previous ones, it is a rival that knew us e, a rival that is strong in the league and is very cupid. A team with a lot of potential, but we are well, we are calm and we have shown that in Europe we are a strong team ".

Ida in La Cerámica: " We have always had to define at home, which is not the same as now. I think it is important that we do not score goals, it is important to keep a clean sheet and that they do not score here. If so, we would have peace of mind to go and define there. "

Valencia: " We must focus on ourselves and at the moment we are in, we do not look at them. We must be united and try our best, we must not think about their players and whether they have low or not. "

Costume change: " It's been a tough week in the league, it's true that we've been a little bit beaten, but in these derbies everything changes and they are faced in a different way. That is why sometimes the worst is the best one, so we are going to try to do something big ".

Prestigio:" This is a great competition, it is a prestigious competition and we are in the quarterfinals, so we separated the league and we thought about doing something big. We have earned this opportunity and we want to take advantage of it. "

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