Casemiro and Lucas Vázquez got into an argument

He confronted his partner and recriminated a poor delivery of the ball. The Galician footballer retired in the 69 'with ovation from the public.

Casemiro abroncó first to Benzema and then to Lucas Vázquez. The Galician footballer was not cut and reproached the attitude to Casemiro. He confronted him and reproached him that the delivery failure was his. Lucas Vázquez retired from the field in minute 69. He was cheered by the stands unlike Gareth Bale, who entered the field with whistles by the public of the Bernabéu.

The television cameras captured the tense moment in which Lucas Vázquez showed His anger with the Brazilian, who tried to quickly make a mistake committed on Luka Modric. The squad of Real Madrid did not understand the attitude or the protests of Casemiro, something that he did know about the pitch without any kind of reparation.

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