Can he really bring Doncic's Rookie of the Year away?

The player of the Hawks has managed to put the debate on the table and it is necessary to analyze if really the base can snatch the prize to the Slovenian.

As every year, the debate on individual awards is latent in NBA. Some teams are struggling to reach the playoffs while others already think about next summer to move their chips for next season, but the main players of the league not only have their minds set on the immediate future but also on the premios that are distributed at the end of the season.

Ya we have been saying that the fight for the MVP is between two players who are performing a monstrous season: James Harden and Giannis Antetokounmpo. It seems clear that the Sixth Man of the Year award will be again for Lou Williams, and Paskal Siakam and D'Angelo Russell will play the Most Improved Player award. The awards are followed and there is one of them who seemed to have a clear favorite in the first half of the season but now seems not so clear, although it all depends on the desire with which you look at the debate: we are talking, how not , of the Novato del Año .

Trae Young and Luka Doncic are playing one of the biggest duels of the last seasons for this award. There was already some controversy when it was received by Ben Simmons. That he played the second year after being elected did not like it, but the level of Donovan Mitchell and Jayson Tatum in the playoffs (the prize is given for the regular season) marked the debate definitively and some saw an injustice that the Australian took the prize .

This year Doncic has stood out in a bestial way throughout the season. His impact in the league has been immediate and Dallas has designated him as his future player automatically. No one disputes the Slovenian, who is averaging 21 points, almost 8 rebounds and 6 assists per duel, which makes him one of the best first-year players at the statistical level of recent times. He has also managed 23 double-doubles and 7 triple-doubles, in addition to signing 8 games over the 30.

However, Trae Young has made a second part of the season impressive and there have been voices that have risen to ask the prize for the base. His general statistics are lower than those of Doncic (19 + 4 + 8) but his second part of the regular season has made it become the sensation of the moment and to be taken into account for the trophy. From the All-Star averages 25 points, 5 rebounds and 9 assists, for the 23 + 9 + 7 of Doncic. These numbers would make Young the best rookie of this part of the year, but they could also place him as one of the most fit players in the league after the All-Star.

In addition to this, Young is having a tremendous impact on your team in this phase of the year. In the 21 games played his team has achieved 10 victories, having incredible performances such as the winning shot against the Bucks, the best team in the East, or by beating the Sixers with 33 points and 12 assists signed by him. In this part of the season Dallas has added two victories and 14 defeats with Doncic on track ... and 3 wins and 2 losses when he has rested.

This does not end there. The points maximum is greater than Doncic's (49 for 35) as well as the assists (17 for 12) , although the Slovenian is imposed on the bouncing plot (15 for 10 of Atlanta). The percentages of both with similar and the minutes on track also, with the only difference that Doncic has rested more than the base (he has played 71 games for 79 of Trae) .

Doncic is still the favorite

All these data have made us wonder the experts si Young can take the trophy ... and the reality is that he has it very difficult. The averages of Doncic are better, his initial impact was tremendous, he has commanded the prize every month and has been, by far, the best player of your team. It is true that Young has exploded in the second part of the season, but it is also true that Doncic has not dropped his numbers and has continued to star in great performances.

There are those who argue that if Trae had had this level of play at an earlier stage of the season the fight would be more real. There is also another very strong argument: Trae would be the ROY in any season of the NBA ... but in this is Doncic.

Habrá to see how the duel is resolved and if the forecasts that give the Slovenian prize or if There is a final surprise and the American imposes himself. At the moment, we continue enjoying night after night of the exhibitions of both players and we get the best conclusion of this season: there is a duel for a while.

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