Bustinza: "We will not feel saved if he is not a mathematician"

The second captain of Leganés flees from the triumphalism that sees the saved pepineros. "The renovation of Pichu? It gives us a lot"

Unai Bustinza speaks with an authorized voice. Bilbaíno by birth, this adoption cucumber is a part of the Leganés. Understand blue and white feeling like few. That's why his statements are something like a guide for the whole wardrobe. For the whole club. Yesterday, after drawing against Real Madrid (1-1), the second captain threw ambition to feel dissatisfied with the result, but also humility to remember that salvation is not done. That only mathematics will dictate when the Leganés will continue one more year among the best.

"No we feel saved because it is not yet mathematically. In the end, this type of games in which we compete until the end give us a lot of security to face the weeks and the next days The idea is to follow the line and enjoy. In the end this is about competing, "commented in the mixed zone the zaguero.

Inconformista him, this point, the first to take the pepineros to Real Madrid in League, he knew little, to "bittersweet feeling". "We are happy with the face of the team, because of how he has competed, but after the offside of En Nesyri, of some more we have had with Braithwaite or En Nesyri himself, you have the idea that you could have taken one victory more ", continued.

At least Bustinza and the rest of his teammates have the consolation of knowing that none of the first six classified has won in Butarque. "Well, those are things that you like most, the statistics, what is certain is that it tells us that we are a difficult team to beat, the team has been growing with the season," insisted a Bustinza who, by the way , praised Cuéllar, surely the best of the game for his people.

Guiño a Cuéllar

Pichu ends contract at the end of the season and has a principle of agreement with Valladolid for the course that comes whenever the blanquivioletas continue in the elite. Bustinza, who recently went through a similar process (the Levant wanted it, ended up renewing) does not doubt the importance of Cuéllar for the Leganés.

"Yo I have always told Pichu how important it is. I have been in that situation, we have to try to respect, they are negotiations that are long The dialogue is continuous. He is a player who, beyond his great performances in the field, contributes a lot. praised.

To win yesterday, the Leganés should have given the shirt to the more than 400 fans who bought the clothing taking advantage of the order that Szymanowski launched to the club. "We have already told Szymanowski that he has been spared because if not, he is sure that the pressure would have deducted something from the insurance payroll. The tie was not included in the promotion, we tried to get them to have the t-shirts for free," he concluded. Bustinza laughs.

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