Busquets, Rakitic and Alba, to the limit: more than 4,000 minutes

They are the field players of Barça who wear more drag to face the final straight. Piqué (3960 ') and Suárez (3,930'), also loaded. Messi, cooler with 3,500 '.

At the doors of the final load of matches that awaits Barça from this weekend (Real Sociedad, Alaves, Levante, Liverpool, Celta and Liverpool) until the return of Anfield, is a good time to check how the minute distribution is of the players to get an idea of how Valverde can manage the breaks for the exciting tie with the reds.

Sergio Busquets, who in the last few matches has shown some signs of fatigue, is the Barça player who has the most official minutes this season with 4.186. His position, however, is so specific that Valverde is essential. We will have to see how Txingurri manages Busi ahead of the first leg against Liverpool and the outcome of Anfield. Very close to Busquets is Rakitic. The Croatian, who really is the only one who can safely occupy the position of Busquets, carries 4,087 minutes. The two are basic to keep stabilized a team that has spent two years in part of the control they give the team.

But there are two players also border with the 4,000 minutes that may be more at risk than the midfielders by their profiles. Jordi Alba (4.040 ') is next to Luis Suárez (3.930') the only player without clear spare in the template. That has put on the list of minute circumstances with some danger if they notice the explosive efforts of both. Alba and Suarez met in the difficult week with the games against Espanyol, Villarreal, Atlético and United but Valverde is aware that now is the time for extreme care with the side of L'Hospitalet and the Uruguayan tip. Piqué, another one of those who approach the 4,000 minutes (3,960 '), seems, however, to arrive perfect at the end of the season once the withdrawal of the National Team has allowed him to dose the extra minutes he had each year .

Who seems to get fresh to the final straight is Messi. His break with the Argentine team and some injury like the one he suffered against Sevilla when he fractured his right hand arm has allowed him to appear at this point of the season with less load of minutes and with the Liverpool semifinal between eyebrow. Some already draw parallels with that of 2015 against Bayern ... 45 official goals in 3,410 'with Barça, goal every 75 minutes in a spectacular statistic.

Entre the 2,401' of Dembélé and the 3,362 'moves the entire middle class of Barça and the base with which Valverde has worked. Coutinho carries 3,362; Lenglet; 3.114 '; Sergi Roberto, 2,859 '; Arthur, 2703 '; Vidal, 2.549 '; and Semedo, 2.474.

In the caboose, surprised the 772 minutes of Malcom, footballer who has had important moments against Inter, Real Madrid, Villarreal and who is the second player of the squad with fewer minutes. It is likely that from now until the end of the season you will grow your numbers. Among other things, because his attitude has made him deserve more opportunities.

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