Bottas gets serious

"Mercedes allowed a fight without orders and the outcome was uncertain, the champion against the squire, the ladder seemed clear, but not".

Bottas leading in Baku and Hamilton lurking. At the start, the Briton failed to overcome a fellow who claimed his pole, , so he waited for the final laps of the Azerbaijani Grand Prix to try to conquer what could be his third consecutive victory of the year. Mercedes allowed a fight without orders and the outcome was thus uncertain. The champion against the squire, the ladder seemed clear. Well, no. The Finn became serious to win a victory that also serves to regain the leadership of the World. I, honestly, neither expected nor predicted it. Bottas is growing in the benchmark team and we will have to see if that trend consolidates, it would be interesting for a monochromatic contest for the time.

Four great prizes, four doublets of the silver cars. Ferrari warns, threatens, tries ... but does not auction. They are occasionally close to the Mercedes but never, for one reason or another, enough to seriously disturb them when it comes to the truth. At least in what really counts, in the results, where the superiority of its direct rivals is indisputable. A pity for the excitement in Formula 1, the absence of rivalry is never a desirable scenario in the sport. If the situation does not change, and with haste, the monologue of the Germans can push the championship towards tedium. Not even a theoretical fight between teammates would be desirable. At least in Baku the first points for Carlos Sainz arrive, which is missing ...

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