Bottas contains Hamilton and a combative Sainz is seventh

Doublet of Mercedes with Vettel third. Leclerc tried desperately with another strategy but was fifth, after Max. Sergio Pérez, 6th, ahead of the McLaren.

On the penultimate round Hamilton opened the DRS and Bottas heard on the radio: "The overtaking is allowed." But the Finn did not allow it, it did not help an error of the Briton stepping outside the track and losing a necessary time to spend that last bullet. In addition, the overtaking did not have to be completely allowed, and Mercedes took home the fourth consecutive double with two victories for both drivers. In Baku won Bottas, leader by a point, and all happy, less Ferrari.

In the start, Lewis had spared his partner's life up to three times, perhaps because he is very well instructed from the wall. He started better, found the interior in the first three corners but tried without aggression, without wanting to solve in a moment a race of 51 laps that was presumed rugged. Probably there was the error of the British: there were no safety cars, no spectacular crashes or carbon fiber remains on the track. And the British remained in that window that went from one to three seconds, but without real overtaking options.

Something further was the Ferrari of Vettel with a four-time champion unable to more, to close the 'cajón'. Frustrating situation for Maranello, although considering how the classification was developed they could only go desperate to aspire to something else. They tried Leclerc, they delayed their stop to maximum while crawling on soft tires in case of a safety-car, but there were no miracles and ended up behind Verstappen, fourth, whom he had overtaken on the track at the beginning. Again out of the fight for nothing, the young Monegasque talent only had the consolation of the fast lap for his fifth place.

The middle zone was won by a great Sergio Pérez with Racing Point followed by a combative Carlos Sainz with the McLaren: he overtook Leclerc at the start (he then returned it) and Kvyat, Grosjean and Norris on the track, lost the position with his teammate for the strategy of his team and recovered it at the end, when they stopped for the second time the British to ride soft , just in case. He finished seventh with Lando, eighth. Very good points for McLaren, solid in the most compressed area of the grid.

The great comeback of Stroll, ninth, and Raikkonen, tenth after leaving from the 'pit-lane', closed the points standings on a bad day for the promising Toro Rosso with Albon out of the top-10 and Kvyat leaving because of Ricciardo, who closed him in a loophole and when they both tried to get back on track, he hit him in reverse. For the rest, Renault did not appear in Baku, very poor performance of Hulkenberg that only allowed him to be better than Williams. Among the abandonments stood out Gasly, shouting "no power" referring to his brand new Honda engine. Maybe the good top speed of the Red Bull was a mirage. How was that Ferrari of Bahrain, or the preseason.

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