"Before Betis we gave arguments to be able to believe in salvation"

Paco, lightning technician, clings to the positive aspects of his re-visit to visit Ipurua: "We have regained confidence, we showed that we had more than what we had given and we reconnected with the stands".

Empate Betis. "We have to grab anything moderately good that happens to us, undoubtedly winning would have been better, but we have regained a lot of confidence in ourselves, we have shown that we had more in us than what we had given up until now, we got hooked again with our people and we are one point closer, I would sign to cut a point every day, we will hold onto the good and positive, I said that puntito a puntito was not going to be worth it, we have to go a little faster. the other day we can win too, we will not always have that bad luck of Betis. "

Physical: " People have recovered well, they have done a good and normal training, it is a match with other characteristics and there may be some change. We will keep a block and we will introduce the changes that we consider necessary, either for the rival or to recover better, we will see it on the fly yet ".

Eibar: "It forces you to compete at a very high level. We have to know that it will be difficult, we will have to press, we must interpret every moment of the game well. It is a team that knows how to take advantage of the actions of set pieces and of the rival mistakes. If we give them facilities for bottling in our area, we have nothing to do. You have to play a lot in your field, defend well and that lasts the ball to hurt them, they are intense in the effort. That can be one of the keys to reach the opposing goal. "

What would you say to the fans to believe in salvation ?: " Let's see the game of Betis. It's not going to be easy, come on, he's fucked up. You have to have hope and the other day there were arguments to think that we can fight the permanence and cut so many points in such a short time. If I did not trust this team, I would not have come. You know that I do not lie. I've seen him many games and he knew that everyone was showing that they were much worse than they really are. The other day they showed me that they had stored things that we have managed to get out. "

Bebé and RdT: " It is normal that if you see it from outside you can think that there is something. When there is as much tension as we live, it is normal to have friction and jump. I prefer people who jump, who say things to improve, that undead people do not say anything, that is what is doomed to failure. They have an exceptional relationship, one of the best in the workforce. I give it the importance it has. It is true that we have to keep the forms in case it is misinterpreted, but there is not a single problem between the two of them. I prefer that people say things and draw conclusions so that the next day if that play is given, have other options clear. "

Di Santo and the expulsion: " That they will punish you, do not have any doubt. Everyone pays for their sins. He has made a mistake that has cost him, the team, and perhaps his bill in the next matches. I know he has not done it with bad intention. We must be owners of our actions because it takes away possibilities from the team. It subtracts and I can not afford that. I understand his anger because I have been a player, now he has to pay for his acts. Another partner will come in the call and we'll see what happens next. "

Amateur in Ipurua: " It always gives us moral and energy to have it. We would like them to be there, but if they are for reasons of force majeure we will have to make do. The other day we reconnected with the grandstand. We will try to win because they will be watching us on TV ".

Bajas: " Imbula broke a bone in his hand that prevents him from grabbing, struggling ... I prefer not to wear it because I need people one hundred percent ".

Morro, Uche and Guerra, news on the list

Tres are the big news of Paco's call for Wednesday's game in Ipurua.The red-and-white coach has mentioned 19 players, including Miguel Morro, Uche Agbo and Javi Guerra. Paco he takes his three goalkeepers and gets Guerra for the sanctioned Di Santo and Uche, for Comesaña The midfielder enters for the first time a list since he landed in Vallecas the last winter market and the striker, since October 21 (Rayo -Getafe) . In addition, the Rayo has the Imbula drop due to a fracture in the right hand, the template will head to Eibar this afternoon.

In addition, the training On Tuesday, he left an anecdote. During one of the exercises, Bebé put a perfect center to De Tomás and dialed. Something that provoked a funny commentary of Paco: "If you put it on like that in the game, it's going to give you a little kiss" . Good mood and good vibes, after both had a little touch in the last minutes of the game against Betis.

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