Benzema is worth three

Madrid buried Athletic with a hat-trick of the Frenchman, author of the last eight goals of the team. Bale came off the bench and was whistled.

After two changes of coach and a dozen amendment purposes, most of them tied to the market, something has remained unchanged in Madrid from alfa to omega: Benzema. The team has fallen down on their shoulders with Lopetegui, Solari and Zidane and that perfect season of the French will only give for Madrid to go to Champions, which speaks of the general collapse. Against an Athletic with a lot of shield and little sword, decided again their three goals. The last eight of the team have their signature. It had never happened in the long history of the club.

Zidane needs a bit of solid ground before stepping on the promised land (as far as the money and the size of the competition), some improvement that justifies its landing in Madrid in full bombing. But the convalescence lengthens and begins and ends and Benzema.

The party brought news before starting. Bale was again substitute. There is no future for him in Madrid or interest to hide it, and the question is whether it is more profitable to put it or hide it. Zidane (and a large part of the crowd) must think that each ownership devalues it. So this time he took the place Lucas Vázquez, the substitute model, outstanding in attitude and remarkable in almost everything else. And was also Isco, to which the overdose of bench with Solari has numbed. Repeated, however, Marcelo, who finally seems to respond to redoubled treatment insistence.

Along, the proposal of the Athletic was the expected: a spirit very in line with its history, defensive fierce and Williams, gazelle mutated in lion . It was not enough before a striker aggravated by his role and his goals.

And that that hand-to-hand combat in which derived, initially, the lawsuit, drenched in sweat, sacrifice and willpower but full of inaccuracies and without practical effects, it went well. The two goalkeepers went to the undisclosed break (only one header from Raúl García at the hands of Keylor was recorded between the three clubs) and the closest the goal was to a distant and high kick of Marcelo and a failed shot Brazilian in a position of nine, which until there took him the move and inertia, as in the best times.

El Athletic resisted without the ball, positionally and in the fold, when Madrid believed to find spaces. But this team of Zidane, without Vinicius and without a horizon, lacked inventiveness in the first half. Everything was foreseeable and everything died in the three quarters of the field, because Benzema was locked up, because there was no progress of Lucas Vázquez and Asensio in the bands (the Balearic touched him the left, in which he does not enjoy so much, although he goes to more) and because their midfielders, and this is bad endemic, has long since disregarded the goal.

But Zidane's Madrid is clearly delayed effect. So back in the dressing room regained vigor and the goal with a three-way play: providential court of Vallejo (which left good feelings) when Williams prepared the 0-1, perfect center of Asensio and Benzema comfortable header. In favor of the work, Isco and Bale entered, an environmental disturbance, because the Welshman was greeted with whistles. His response was to raise his hand, in an equivocal gesture.

Appeared the Benzema revolt, with his eighth head of the course (nobody has scored more in the League or in Europe). An exit to by Herrerín grapes helped round the afternoon of the French , author of 30 goals in the course. He still had time to adorn himself with the hat-trick, with Athletic open on the channel (Brahim and Bale could also score), Herrerín on the moon and after a Keylor paralysis. Undoubtedly, the Frenchman is the great winner of the great failure.

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