Benzema is alone

The Frenchman shines when Real Madrid sinks deeper into his game. Author of the last five white goals, he gets only three of the 30 this year.

Today, Benzema rowed only on the Real Madrid boat, which is still capsizing and praying for the six remaining days of the League to pass, as soon as possible, in the summer market, the pertinent repairs. The French was again the uninspiring of Madrid in Butarque, where Zidane's team reaped a new draw (and there are four in this league, who join nine defeats for a total of 13 punctures in 32 games, 40% ). In the second half he was more accompanied by the team, in the first only Asensio put intention, although he lacked accuracy and accuracy to finish.

Tras rest, and with Madrid and holding on his men the weight of Silva's goal before the same, Modric connected by the center and found Benzema, who controlled and finished fast; After the rejection of Pichu Cuéllar, the Frenchman came to the rejection with blood in his eye. Mostró that same thing that so often missed him, the gestures and gestures of pure striker, whose work is half fortune-teller (know where the ball will pass) and half surgeon (rivet with pinpoint accuracy). In both things the Frenchman still has a margin of enormous improvement, but cannot be said that he is not giving the breast during the most murky moments of the Madridista game.

As far as the attack is concerned, Benzema is alone: it is the author of the last five goals of Real Madrid. To the one of Leganés it is necessary to add two to the Eibar, another one to the Valencia and the last one of the triumph by 3-2 before the Huesca. Looking back a little further, has seven goals in the last six days, which also served three assists for a total participation of ten goals in that stretch; in it, Madrid has barely made 13 goals, in total. It is 10 out of 13 for Benzema, 77% .

Benzema, for his record with Real Madrid

The pending subject is still damaging both big and small fish, because this course has only scored against a direct rival (at Atlético, in the Super Cup of Europe). But the criticisms of the white attack game this course must recognize that Benzema has put everything he has and his numbers bear witness: carries 27 so many in the season, 18 of them in LaLiga. It is one of the third best season of his career (28, in 2015-16), four of the second (31 in 2007-08, still in Lyon) and five of the record: the 32 goals he scored in 2011-12, forming part of that tridente Benzema-Higuaín-Cristiano (and that French and Argentine divided the minutes in most of the games) .

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