Bautista is paid to the three: Aragon achieved his third triplet

He won the short and second races and won nine straight victories, equaling Neil Hodgson's record. Jordi Torres finished in seventh place.

The history is repeated in this World SBK 2019. It is repeated in training, in classifications and in the races. Baptist is a missile unreachable for others. But the novelty in Aragon came from the hand of Jonathan Rea, who suffered even in the pursuer group with Lowes and Chaz Davies. Y almost gave up and lost the season, as he said after the ninth victory of the Spanish: " We have to abandon the possibility of winning races" .

Y is that the second round of the Aragon test began as usual, with the Talavera pressing in the first laps and leaving everyone behind. And there behind was Jonathan Rea, but this time accompanied by the Yamaha of Lowes and the Ducati de Davies and his partner Haslam. Passed and reviewed among all until Chaz Davies began to open a hole. And Baptist? Well flying over MotorLand, comfortable, in harmony with the bike and getting a second lap to rivals. With eight laps remaining, the difference was already eight seconds over the pursuer group. Behind the chasing group Jordi Torres maintained a meritorious seventh place.

The arrival of Bautista to the Superbike has put the World Cup upside down and Rea is no longer so comfortable on the Kawasaki. He was even overtaken at six from the end by his team mate. team, which initiated a fierce persecution of Panigale number seven, that of Davies. Rea took three turns from the end of the chase command, left his partner behind and threw himself for Davies, approaching little by little, tenth to tenth. And with two laps ahead came the melee between Davies and Rea, with Bautista eleven seconds ahead. In the last lap Davies went long in the first corners of the Aragonese track and Jonathan Rea took advantage to take second place. And so ended the appointment of Aragon with the third triplet of Bautista, with Rea second and a great seventh of Jordi Torres.

Triumph also in the short race

"Motivate running, we are at a pretty good level and I am having fun over the motorcycle and I want to continue enjoying ". That is how Bautista faced the sprint race after his victory on Saturday, his seventh consecutive in this SBK 2019 World Championship. And with that motivation and from the first place on the grid, Álvaro started at the top. It opened hollow already in the first round, while Rea, forced to overcome, reached the second place in the second round , but the Panigale number 19 was already flying and was 2.4 seconds.

In that scenario the interest was in the fight for the second place between the Yamaha of Lowes and the Kawasaki of Rea. The exchange of positions between the two gave hope to Chaz Davies to get hooked on the podium positions. A cast of Rea in the absence of 3 laps made it possible for Lowes to take a breath. Despite the failure, Rea was recomposed, reached the Yamaha in the absence of two laps and regained the second place with a very aggressive pass. The fight between Lowes, Rea and Davies took the advantage of Bautista until the 5.5 seconds in the round eight.

In the last round Rea placed his Kawasaki in second position and defended himself of the last attacks of Lowes, finally third. Davies, Álvaro Bautista's teammate, finished fourth. The other Spanish representative Jordi Torres, was eighth in meta.

Así goes the World:

Supersport: Krummenacher won, Isaac Viñales was tenth, Maria Herrera scored again Calero retired and Barberá did not leave "because of budget problems" .

La Supersport race fell on the side of the Swiss Randy Krummenacher (Yamaha), in a thrilling race in which the triumph four drivers were disputed and that was not decided until the last lap. The race started badly for the Spanish riders, with the decision of Héctor Barberá not to go out running due to budgetary differences with his team, as he published in his social networks. He continued to twist the race of Aragon with a bad start of Viñales and a later cast that left him in very delayed positions. In the end he was able to recompose himself and finish tenth, while María Herrara scored again thanks to his fifteenth place. Nacho Calero had to leave in the round nine.

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