Barça top LaLiga

Barcelona will be champion after beating a very dignified Atletico who resisted with one less for the expulsion of Costa since the 30th minute.

The Barça can only lose a league that has almost won after beating Atlético de Madrid 2-0 and distance Simeone's team in eleven points with seven games to finish the championship. It was a triumph worked in which the Blaugrana set chewed sand before a very dignified Atletico who played with a player less since the 30th minute and who stood up in numerical inferiority by the expulsion of Costa clinging to a sensational Oblak that could only bend in the final moments Suárez and Messi, two players who fulfilled the expected function of them. On the other side, only the Slovenian goalkeeper responded to Barça. The same can not be said for Griezmann.

The output of both teams responded to what was expected. Ni Atletico went crazy to go for the League from the first minute or Barcelona went to the neck of the opponent. Everything in order until that moment between two contenders who went out to chew themselves before going for the dam. The question was to wait for the opponent's mistake to decide a game that was once a festival of vertiginous goals and that lately has become a duel between masters of chess in which the tables are worth until you are in superiority.

El que se He was with the white from the start on the board was Barcelona, who saw as the queen of the rival board, Diego Costa, was sent off in the 28th minute of the match in an action that could mark the game, the championship and step fill pages from tomorrow.

Until that moment Atletico resisted with integrity, Barca had had his chance through Messi-Alba coinexion that ended in the wood and did not happen in the field anything beyond the recoveries of an omnipresent Thomas and a score that seemed to benefit the Barcelona so that they were passing the minutes without anything happening.

Until Diego Costa came in by After Arthur, the referee indicated a foul and the Brazilian went to referee and recited the list of the Goth Kings to a finger of his face. Gil Manzano had already forgiven him a yellow, at least, for an entrance with the arm up high to Lenglet in the 7th minute and the referee considered that it was worse the protest to the authority than the lack to the opponent. So he took red from the Lagarto and the party changed the scene.

Thomas, until then the best of Atletico, went on to play side. And he remained the best. There was no ball or player passing by his side that was not neutralized by the Ghanaian.

El Barça, in superiority did not go crazy. He continued cooking the game before an Atletico who defended himself with solvency and that when he left a space appeared Oblak to save the team. The Slovenian made two parades of scandal in the first half. In the 27th minute against Coutinho and in the 43rd against Messi. Then, it would follow.

The game came to the break with a draw that benefited Barcelona, happy to keep the distance, but inviting Atlético to its favorite scenario: that of the heroic in inferiority. It was to see if he could more the culé prudence or the mattress heroism.

Y already put to burn the ships, Simeone went to everything sending a brave message. At the thirteen minutes of the second part retire Filipe Luis to give entrance to Morata, all a message of greatness obviating the numerical inferiority.

El Atlético was in a natural habitat, while Barcelona did not know whether to put a fence on the rival's door or maintain control in search of the cons. In the interim of the beginning of the second half, Barça drew a couple of counterattacks that again conjured Oblak before Suarez. It was time to decide if it was time to be ambitious or go for the game and Valverde opted for the latter. Arthur retired and put Malcom to give vertigo to the game, a dangerous decision in which the Atletico was based on the stop Oblak, who conjured in the second half clear chances of Suarez and Messi. In the absence of half an hour the Atleti goalkeeper's match was sensational, but it was not enough.

A shot from Suárez with tiralíneas knocked down the Slovenian wall and shortly after, a Messi counter pronounced a duel that lasted what Oblak hard defending the fort . Because Ter Stegen did not fall on the ground. The League is already Barça.

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