Barberá does not run and his team denounces the disappearance of the motorcycle

The pilot announced in his social networks that he was not participating in the Supersport race in Alcañiz, while his team says he does not know where the motorcycle is.

Agreement and differences between Héctor Barberá and his World Supersport team. The pilot español announced before the start of the race that he would not participate in the race due to budgetary differences with the team. "So far we have come in. For my safety and for the safety of the other pilots today I will not be able to get out on the run, we have no means, and what started as a dream ends as a nightmare." The problems of non-payment and compliance with the agreement between the one who had to be our main sponsor and the team make this adventure in SSP end today "the pilot reported. Apparently , the engine of the Yamaha YZF R6 Barberá was close to meet its life cycle and it was impossible to change it for economic issues.

But the team version is different from Barberá. In statements of a representative of Team Toth to TVE, the disappearance of the motorcycle was reported, with a complaint lodged with the Civil Guard, which searches for the motorcycle by MotorLand but has not appeared at this time. "It's possible that I did not want to ride with that bike and it was better to come and take it to say it was not here" .

At the moment little is known about the matter, and the only thing that seems certain is that the difference between the team and the pilot they are evident.

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