Baptist: triplet in triplet

He is used to riding with the best in the world in MotoGP. And that is reflected in the SBK World Championship, the new life of a driver of many carats.

Alvaro Bautista did it again: nine out of nine. Third appointment of the season in the Mundial de Superbike and tercer triplet consecutive of the talaverano. In this category three races in each grand prize are disputed and Bautista has won them all. Beyond the sum of victories, there is the feeling that leaves in the circuit, that incontestable authority over Ducati Panigale. No one can overshadow him. The second classified also takes full, but second positions. In this case, it is the champion Jonathan Rea, who dominated in the previous World Cups with su Kawasaki as Bautista does now. The Briton has already surrendered: "We have no chance of winning races." So prepare for the Spanish ride, unless Dorna proposes some adjustment to match the competition.

The domain of Bautista opens three questions about the superiority of the rider and his motorcycle, and about the inferiority of his rivals. There's a little bit of everything. Bautista exudes quality: he was World Champion of 125cc in 2006 and surely he did not shine more in his nueve years in MotoGP because he did not handle the right frame. At 34 years, who had, retained. The Ducati has also shown more powerful than the Kawasaki, which was the one that won the victories so far. And with respect to its opponents, it seems evident that, at the moment, they are in another rung. Not that his rivals are bad, is that Bautista is accustomed to rub shoulders with the best riders in the world in MotoGP. And that is being reflected on the motorcycles derived from series: the Mundial de SBK. A well-deserved new life for a driver of many carats.

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