Bale makes the statue and moves away from following at Real Madrid

Before the Huesca, the Welsh lost another opportunity to silence criticism. Even Luca Zidane (38) gave more passes than him (31). He ended up being whistled.

It was the party ideal for him. Wide field and long, el Bernabéu, and the colist opposite. Everything was in his favor so that Bale had given a blow on the table. But no he did. On the contrary, was almost transparent, only appeared for acción very punctual, the pass with the outside that served Benzema to give assistance to Ceballos for the second goal of Madrid. The rest of their meeting ended up desperate for the public of the Bernabéu, that whistled him first when he threw a falta above, then when he missed a goal sung in line of gol and, finally, when he lost a ball for his dejadez already in the final stretch of the game.

When Zidane arrived for the second time at Madrid Bale he knew that his days were numbered in the entity. He no longer has the support of the board. He arrived at Madrid in 2013 and this season should be his final confirmation after they opened the way with the sale of Cristiano. But, far from fulfilling the goal, it seems that the future of Bale is increasingly distant from the Bernabéu. "Bale will be in Madrid as long as Madrid wants," said Jonathan Barnett to Ace a few dates ago. And that is precisely the key. Even the Welsh agent mistrusts the intentions of the club with his agent. On other occasions his speech was more forceful: "Bale remains safe" .

Bale had to knock down the door against Huesca as he must in the nine league matches that remain to be played. But against the bottom side he only brought eight balls to the area of the rival (Odrizola, being lateral, took only one less than him) . The Welshman can not mix with the team. He gave 31 passes, amply the player of the eleven that less intervened in the game. Only the three substitutes gave less passes than him: Valverde (13), Lucas Vázquez (16) and Mariano (4). Until Luca Zidane (38), he made more combinations than him. Bale has to give much more if he wants to put out the voices that say he must be pierced.

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