Atlético will make 13 fields around the Metropolitan

According to, the club's negotiations with the City advance. The facilities would be for the first team, the subsidiary, the grassroots football and, in part, for public use.

Marta Gómez, councilor of San Blas-Canillejas, explained that conversations between Atlético and the City Council continue to progress in relation to the surroundings of the Metropolitan Wanda, in statements that collects the portal

In this way, the plan passes why the club rojiblanco build 13 football fields in the vicinity of the stadium and, as a result of this, that can be installed equipment Academy and schools. For this, the agreement of assignment "must respect the interest of the neighbors of San Blas-Canillejas ", as the councilor argued. It is therefore necessary to modify the General Urban Plan of Madrid (PGOUM), whose wording is advanced.

Según collects the portal, la Coordinator of Sports Entities will ask the Athletic and City Council the transfer of two fields, at least, to public use. They will also request a sports center.

The breakdown would be as follows: Atlético will build a building for the subsidiary, with bleachers and a large capacity. Then there will be training camps for the first team and the quarry, in four other fields would play those of the school. From there, it will be studied if the school would work through a mixed management with the City Council or how the club would handle it.

There is also a decision about what will happen with the Aquatic Center, , where Atlético could end up putting its offices. "Atlético has a project. What is clear is that will not be a shopping center ", admits Gómez. There are more plots in the vicinity for more projects.

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