Atlético returns to 'their home' for the preseason

The team will return to work at the beginning of July and later will go to Los Angeles de San Rafael, where it will be two weeks of work.

El Atlético will return to its traditional preseason, after the parenthesis of last season, in which the team changed its way of proceeding from the last campaigns. The numerous muscular injuries that the Madrid team has had in this exercise, which have caused that Simeone seldom could put an eleven considered ideal, have weighed to the equipment and the technical body considers that part of fault of it was due to a bad preseason. Atletico had to play in August the European Super Cup against Real Madrid, which ended up winning in Tallinn, which conditioned the preparation.

There was also the fact that there was a World Cup and the Atlético players were incorporated into the work in a staggered way. Simeone and his coaching staff had to fit the puzzle little by little. A third fact was that Atlético varied his way of proceeding and after many years going to Los Angeles de San Rafael (Segovia), he stopped going to Segovia. He trained in Madrid, went to Singapore and then spent a few days in Riscone de Brunico, a town tucked between the Dolomites, still in Italian territory in South Tyrol. Simeone knew the place because he had been there as a player of Lazio.

The next preseason of Atlético will not have so many stones on the road and will be more normal, quieter. There is no official match to be played or any title early (for the team's misfortune) nor is there an appointment of selections. El Atlético will return to work at the beginning of July and will later go to 'his house', to Los Angeles de San Rafael, where he will be working for two weeks. Most players already know the mechanism of training, with a day off in between those two weeks so that players can travel to Madrid to be with their families.

El Atlético performs up to three training sessions in 'your home' and It's two weeks of intense work where Prof Ortega loads the batteries to the staff. Simeone takes command in a session of these three, which is more technical.

The team will later move to the United States, where he will participate in the ICC tournament. He will play on July 23 at Globe Life Park in Arlington (Texas) against Chivas de Guadalajara and 26 in New Jersey against Real Madrid. Simeone is in favor of being just the right time in these tours so far. That is to arrive a couple of days to acclimatize as best as possible and return if possible at the end of the last game.

On 10 August Atlético will face Juventus at the Friends Arena in Stockholm. The match will be morbid because it will mean a rematch of what happened in this Champions League. Simeone said a few days ago that they knew what they had done wrong and that the initial preparation had not been good. And that this year they would correct the deficiencies they had had.

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