Arias returns to settle accounts

The Colombian side returns to the eleven after the injury and after having skated in the derby against Real Madrid and in Turin against Juventus.

None more to set foot in the Atletico it was noted that Simeone's greatest obsession with Arias was that he grew defensively. What he could get to add in the opposite field was standard. It was his best virtue, but the one that came, in addition, a cheerful football and normally carefree as the Eredivisie could present problems.

Le cost to enter the team first and then a fracture costal separated him several weeks. He returned for the first league derby, but there Simeone already preferred a more shot Juanfran. The first match of the coffee holder was in the Champions League against Bruges in the Metropolitan. He began that day as a right-hander in defense of five, an experiment that lasted until the break.

Arias has been completing an approved season, without further ado. With marked ups and downs. Vrsaljko's first year has improved, but without rotundity. Simeone has continued working with him the defensive foundations, mechanisms and customs that he has to internalize in this Atlético. Arias performed quite well between December and January, adding games as a starter, presaging that when the important part of the exercise arrived, it would be Simeone's choice. It was in the derby of the Metropolitan, but there came an important skid ante an explosive Vinicius who could never decipher. In addition, he worried little in attack.

A Simeone did not like that crack in a match of weight, and to receive the Juve opted for the poise of Juanfran. The one from Crevillente demonstrated his trade in this type of duels and it seemed that there was no doubt for Turin. But the casualties again drowned Simeone and had to make play Juanfran start on the left at Juventus Stadium, with Arias on the right to be measured with a Spinazzola that was still 60%, after inactivity due to an injury . Another skid of the Colombian. Around there found an important access road Juventus with the result of all known. He ended up touched the Colombian, who has had a couple of selections to get fit and adjust. Today he will start, which could do think that Juanfran will return to eleven at the Camp Nou. Perhaps the derby and Turin have left in Arias a brand that now has to begin to erase.

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