Antetokounmpo multiplies and the Bucks secure 1st place

Milwaukee will be the 1st in the series of the entire NBA. He achieved that position mathematically by winning in Philadelphia with 45 points from the Greek.

The Bucks have resources beyond Giannis Antetokounmpo, but Giannis Antetokounmpo is the one that makes you win the important matches. Both realities, fully compatible, were confirmed at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia on the night that Milwaukee was able to celebrate for the first time since 1974 (45 years later) that they are the best of the NBA regular season. Budenholzer and his boys secured the first place in the Eastern Conference, the strongest this year in terms of records for the top, before one of the possible rivals in the playoffs.

And that it was soon complicated the thing to the visiting team . A triple Anteto gave way to a brawl between Eric Bledsoe and Joel Embiid in which the first showed again that the second knows how to perform well in this type of situation: Bledsoe ended up expelled and mined his own, who did not have Snell , Mirotic, Gasol and Brogdon per se. Until the rest they dominated, neither without fuss. The central part of the track was the protagonist, there was the flow of points thanks to the one against one and the blocking actions for shots at the exit of the same. George Hill, who has not found his peak optimally since leaving the Cavaliers, perfectly supplied Bledsoe with Sterling Brown, who is playing better and better, and that helped his star, Giannis, to act as a catalyst for a game that this time he trusted him less to triple (they threw less even than the rival) .

Embiid could with Lopez and Antetokounmpo could with Simmons. They kept scoring, but the Greek had a very good one ready: after Embiid claimed to be the most dangerous player in the league and the Greek responded that he could not attribute it to himself, Giannis put five blocks - one of them, to the Cameroonian and decisive- to mark the ground. It was not just that, it was 45 points, 13 rebounds and 6 assists and 0 losses, something that had never been achieved. The European forward is going to record for every two games and continues to amaze both those who ask the MVP and those who would choose to give it to Harden.

The Sixers, led by Scott, Redick and Harris, had managed to get seven above in the last quarter. A partial sidereal in the last three minutes, 1-14, with Anteto defending more positions than it should cover, broke the home team.

Joel Embiid closed the game with a triple-double, becoming the only player with Wilt Chamberlain in making more than one with the 76ers shirt. They were 34 points, 13 rebounds and 13 assists absolutely sterile before the display of another NBA totem, much more fact, which makes the Bucks are already mathematically the best team of the season in its regular phase.

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