Antetokounmpo does not play and the Nets already caress the playoffs

Vital triumph of the Nets in Milwaukee. In Chicago, beating the Bulls of a Sixers who have almost assured third place in the East.

The miracle season of the Nets, a giant step, surely critical, in the most difficult reconstruction in history, I needed a breath, a last breath, so as not to go to the bottom in the photo finish. And this could arrive in the most unsuspected place, Milwaukee, the home of the best team of the Regular Season (now 59-21) and the likely new MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo. In this week's NBA Saturdays match, the Nets won (128-133) , taking advantage of the fact that the Bucks had already closed the field advantage in any playoff tie (Warriors included, of course) and that Giannis rested, due to muscle problems .

The triumph puts 40-40 Nets to which the calendar had a scary final section, but also this voltage drop Bucks at the most appropriate time (for them). From looking inside to think that they were out of the playoffs, are now sixth with a game and a half advantage over the Miami Heat, which they receive in the last day. Today they play in Indiana, a back to back hard in any case, and Florida in Toronto. If they win and those of Spoelstra lose, they will have officially completed their improbable return to the playoffs.

But neither the absence of great motivations nor the drop of Antetokounmpo put in any case the easy things to those of Atkinson, who lost 128-126 a 2:30 in the end, before a triple of Joe Harris after Jared Dudley's rebound attack opened a partial final of 0-7. Sentence D'Angelo Russell (25 points, 10 assists) for a team that squeezed resources, scored 19 Triple and put eight players in double figures of score, with Dudley playing false pivot and LeVert (24 points, 6 assists) at his best level after the serious injury he suffered when he pointed to serious aspiring Player More Improved. Bledsoe (33 points, 11 assists) and Middleton (24) led some Bucks that are less than a week away from starting their assault on the Finals in a 2019 playoffs that after tonight have many ballots to have the Nets, which also (may be key) they have the tiebrake won with seventh and eighth, Magic and Pistons.

Training of the Sixers in Chicago

With much less drama, the Sixers passed over some Bulls (96-116) in which any resemblance with the reality is purely coincidental and does not go beyond the ungainly silhouette of Robin Lopez. With no starter above 8 points and with 29 from Jakarr Sampson and 14 from Luwawu-Cabarrot, they exercised (they are now 22-58) sparring s a Sixers trying to gather the best possible feelings for the playoffs, where They are almost certain to arrive as third parties from the East: +2 over the Celtics again. Jimmy Butler rested for the second consecutive game due to back problems and Embiid, after losing the duel against Antetokounmpo, dominated without effort 20 + 10 + 5 assists. Simmons finished in 14 + 4 + 4, Tobias Harris in 16 + 6 + 6 and Redick scored 23 points with good percentages.

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