Álvaro Bautista: "The other Ducati is sixth in the standings ..."

The leader of the Superbike World Championship defended the legality of his Panigale in an interview with the speedweek.com portal: "Nobody has to build motorcycles cheaper than Ducati".

Alvaro Bautista gave an interview to the website speedweek.com in which he spoke about the development of the series bikes and defended himself against those who accuse the Borgo Panigale factory of having presented "an extreme motorcycle" or "MotoGP", as said Ichiro Yoda, career director of the Japanese house.

To begin, the talaverano talked naturally about the price of the motorcycles competing in the Superbike World Championship, whose regulation prevents motorcycles competing whose serial version exceeds 40,000 euros cost to the general public. "I do not know exactly what the other bikes in the series cost, but I've always known that one Ducati was more expensive than the rest. This is not news and nobody has complained about it Ducati is trying to build the best motorcycle possible for its customers, and customers know it Ducati moves within the rules, so any other manufacturer can reach the same level Nobody has to build cheaper motorcycles than Ducati ".

And the Spanish pilot continues working of the numbers to argue his exposition. Remember Baptist that in the World Superbike compete, in addition to yours, three other Panigale V4 R (the officer of his teammate Chaz Davies and independent Laverty and Rinaldi): "The second best Ducati we find in the general classification he is in sixth place, so Kawasaki would have won almost all the races, as it has happened the last four seasons, so there were no discussions. "

Photos from as.com
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