Alonso returns to Formula 1 and Schumacher shines in his debut

The Asturian and Sainz shared track with the MCL34 in a little profitable day because of the weather. Mick piloted the Ferrari and finished second.

During these last years, the tests with the season started had become the perfect occasion for the stars to fly home and the young aspirants, from the academies or pay, get on the cars. At least this Tuesday in Bahrain there was a big sign: Fernando Alonso, back to the Formula 1.222222 the whole day with the McLaren MCL34 ready for the tests with the Pirelli tire prototypes of 2020. Y Mick Schumacher piloting the Ferrari SF90, with all that that means and with his mother, Corinna, at the foot of the track. The problem is that the weather must also accompany: on Monday there were sand storms throughout the island that left the track very dirty for the first hours of Tuesday. And to top it off, at noon it rained in the desert surrounding Sakhir, spoiling the asphalt even more.

At least in the afternoon he respected enough to see Michael's heir looking for fast laps with the SF90, which is still showing as the best car of the year in everything that are not races. Finally he beat Verstappen with the best record of the day by just under six tenths, but the young Mick showed why Binotto has given him this opportunity reaching a high 1:29, times to enter Q2 last Saturday in his first kilometers with a car so powerful. The test is a prize of Maranello, although the German pilot, of 20 years, insists that his "objective number one is Formula 2". This Thursday will return to the track with the Alfa Romeo.

For his part, Fernando Alonso gave 64 laps signing the eleventh time of the day, although following a special program with the tire manufacturer. After all, is a test more effective than effective: the base of the car this year is the one of 2018, which Fernando already knows very well, and in such specific weather conditions and techniques, it will not be so easy to draw many conclusions about the performance of the MCL34 that you did not know beforehand. For his part, Carlos Sainz rolled in 1:32 low with 32 laps during the morning session (in the afternoon he gave the car to Norris, who made a good third time). At least for a few hours there were two Spaniards sharing box at McLaren. Because this Wednesday it will be the two of them who take turns trying on tires.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, second day of testing in Bahrain with Alonso again at McLaren and Mick Schumacher at Alfa Romeo.

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