Alonso's return to F1, nuclear engines ... the jokes of the 'April Fools Day'

The day of the innocent saints in the Anglo-Saxon world have filled the networks with jokes and news with humor to celebrate the day.

The world of motor has not escaped the 'April Fools Day' and the networks have been filled with jokes and funny news to celebrate the day of the innocent saints in the Anglo-Saxon world.

Alonso's return to the Formula in 2021: But with his own team: According to the website Grand Prix 247 the Asturian pilot would be preparing his own team to return to F1. Pedro de la Rosa would be the head of the team.

The navigator will replace the co-drivers in the World Rally: The official Twitter of WRC announces a revolution, since the new technologies will occupy the work of the co-drivers in the World Rally.

New category in F1: dog racing. A new category to liven up race days before the cars of the highest category roar, never better.

From Formula E to nuclear engines: Lucas Di Grassi hallucinates with the new technological innovation. A new contest powered by nuclear energy.

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