Alguacil goes through the bad spell that ended with Garitano

The oriotarra has added 3 points of the last 15, the same baggage for which Bergara was dismissed last December.

Imanol Alguacil is going through the same bad dynamic that ended with the project of Asier Garitano on the bench of the Real Sociedad. Whimsical football, the txuri-urdin team is in a position very similar to that suffered in December, with the difference that in this case is closer to the European positions and below the classification does not tighten so much, to the point that with a triumph more permanence will be practically assured. The other difference is that Asier Garitano was always questioned within the club, and gave the feeling that a the first crisis he had was used to cease. While the oriotarra is not at all questioned and his position is not in danger, so much that he has a contract for the next season, and except monumental surprise, will comply without problems.

The three points of fifteen possible that has reaped the Real with Imanol Alguacil in the last five days of Liga, his worst streak since taking the reins of the first realistic team, is exactly the same balance of points that ended with the work of Garitano in the San Sebastian club. The nuance is that the coach of Bergara was dismissed after four consecutive defeats, going from being in the fight for Europe to get to Christmas at the edge of the descent.

In this case, oriotarra has added three draws in the last five days, achieving that same baggage of 3 points out of 15 played, but adding five consecutive games without winning. And in this case, this slump has caused the Real to move away from Europe, but the downhill does not endanger the decline, which is nine points. And interestingly, the last draw in Valladolid that left such a bad taste in the realistic environment has caused that paradoxically comes close to the European positions, which have now been placed at six with a week of two games ahead. That is, the baggage of points in this slump is the same as that of the dynamics by which Garitano is stopped, but the sensations are quite different.

In this case, there is no voice from the environment that has questioned the Sheriff's work in the middle of this crisis of results, something that did not happen with Garitano, who was always in question until he was dismissed. With the oriotarra there is less time, but the feeling is that he has more credit from the council, and that it is not time to change again. In addition, has a contract in force for next season, the project will be prepared under his leadership and at least, for now, there is no reason to doubt his ability. Alguacil, despite his bad spell, has only lost two games since taking the reins of the Real last January, and the improvement in points is evident.

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