Alberto, substitute hero: "I felt what it is to score a goal"

The Rayo captain returned to the eleven after five months and was decisive against Valencia, especially with the penalty stopped to Parejo: "We are united for the good and the bad".

Alberto Garcia was one of the great novelties in Paco's eleven against Valencia. The last time the goalkeeper had played in the league was on November 3, 2018, against Barcelona, so that returned to the title five months after. He spent as a substitute hero in Vallecas by stopping a penalty to Parejo with 0-0 on the scoreboard and signing other decisive stops for Rayo, such as the fists to Parejo and Guedes. It was his match for many reasons, also for his more offensive facet and that is that the keeper made 19 good passes, 68% of the total. An aspect that Paco himself wanted to highlight at the end of the meeting, explaining also the reason for his change under sticks. "Alberto has a more neat footwork than Dimitrievski and has helped us to have something more in possession. If he has dreamed of a safe match he was not as good as he has done", said the coach.

Also Alberto wanted to emphasize that work of the goalkeepers, which sometimes passes more unnoticed. "Míchel also demanded it Most times it is valued more for what it is so that what is built and throughout the matches I touch the ball more with the foot than with the hands. I am satisfied that the coach values that. in this team it is special because it has to contribute a lot in the exit of the ball ", explained in the press room the captain, who always claims the group, the all over all:" Football is a collective sport and that must prevail over To contribute in a team is to do it on a daily basis and there is nothing more beautiful for me than Rayo to achieve the goal. That is the way to thank what they did to the players that are not there and they suffered a lot so that This team was in First. "

Alberto was the undisputed starter last season, the promotion, in which he played 41 games. Hence, comenzara 2018-19 under sticks, so it was during the first eleven days (Sevilla, Atlético, Athletic, Huesca, Alaves, Real Sociedad, Espanyol, Leganés, Getafe, Girona and Barcelona). "I changed the role a bit." I came from two or three years in which I had continuity and when you do not have it you must learn to add. When you stop playing you have the possibility to focus on yourself and correct things. to do individual reflections and not to disengage, it is a bad thing, "he confessed and wanted to remember one of the basic pillars of his life, his family:" I do not use social networks or press conferences to claim personal things. They suffer a lot and make it so that when you wobble do not fall ... That's why I dedicated the stop to Parejo, I felt a bit of what it is to score a goal ".

Alberto disappeared from the eleven in Liga , but he did have minutes in Cup with Leganés and against Grasshopper in the Vallecas Trophy, where he also stopped a penalty. In fact, the keeper has stopped three of five in the First, two of them with Sporting (Caicedo and Aduriz) and another with the Strip (Parejo) . A moment in which he served the advice of other members of the team. "I relied on the opinions of many people because several heads think better than 1. A penalty is not only for the goalie, there are many people who work behind to optimize our performance" , wielded a very dear player both in the stands and inside of the costumes: "In football there are people and comrades, last year you feel important and your figure wobbles within an eleven What remains is to set an example, I want to be reminded for trying to contribute for the common good. The teammates are happy for you because in bad times you were also there. That's football, sharing moments and sensations. "

El Rayo won Valencia and put an end to its worst first-round run, after only adding one point in nine days. The light is already seen, with salvation to three. One of the keys was to leave the goal to zero, something that had ten days without happening, since the victory in Mendizorroza by 0-1. Each time Rayo has not conceded this course has won (Huesca, Eibar, Valladolid, Alavés and Valencia) and only twice did it receiving goals against, against Levante (2-1) and Celta (4-2 ). "We put all the goals and they put them all in. For the good and the bad we are united", reflected Alberto, a hero with his feet on the ground: "In football you can not expect anything, you have to face what you it arrives ".

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