"I'm afraid there's no peace between Rossi and Márquez"

The father of the Italian speaks about the greeting after the race in Termas and despite the gesture, does not believe that both pilots have made peace.

They have always liked happy endings. When the plot of the protagonists is complicated the outcome is expected to end with a good taste in the mouth and to the greeting between Valentino Rossi and Marc Márquez on the back of the podium of Termas seemed the conclusion of a time of extreme rivalry, the father of the Italian pilot as a 'spoiler', and here Ducati has nothing to do, put forward a resolution that does not match what was expected.

Pese to many for this gesture served to settle a stage that blurred the essence World Cup, Graziano Rossi believes that what happened after the exhibition of Márquez in the GP of Argentina is simply the reflection of the respect that exists between pilots and not the return to a friendship, that the ilerdense sees "very difficult" to engage in the circuits " because then on the track there is rivalry ", regardless of what you call.

Tras a gesture with a lot of emotional charge that was repeated by seconds Once, after a squeeze that took place on the podium of the Catalunya GP in 2016 after the loss of Salom, Graziano still does not contemplate the end of the enmity between his son and the Spanish as he stated on Radio Sportiva: "Sincerely, I hope they have made amends, but I'm afraid that is not so. I think that would need a few more podiums together to redirect a situation that is not very positive ", as reflected in the press conference that took place in San Marino during the past year, when Valentino denied Marquez's hand.

Questioned also about the age at which Rossi will hang the helmet, Graziano underlined the words of Marini: " Luca's forecast was beautiful, at 46 years" . After the first podium of the season for the Italian, the progenitor of 'El Doctor' would not be surprised to see "Vale closer to Márquez in the next race" and is confident that "Yamaha manages to reduce the final distance with Ducati and Honda "after a second position" very important for Valentino ".

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