Abelardo will not follow and the Alavés thinks of Asier Garitano

The Asturian coach will not accept the babazorro club's renewal offer. The Guipuzcoan coach was stopped at Christmas of the Royal Society.

The news of the day in Vitoria has been knowing that the Pitu Abelardo will not continue in the Alavés next season. The Asturian coach has rejected the offer of renewal of the club and seems to look towards other destinations such as Betis. The Alavés was aware that this was going to be his answer and has already set to work. The chosen to replace him is Asier Garitano.

It is not the only option, far from it. What's more, it might not even be the first but Garitano is on the list of futuribles in a clear way. He was stopped in San Sebastian by Real on December 26, just a few days after falling to the Alavés in Anoeta. It came from the Leganés with which he managed to ascend to Second and First, in addition to obtaining permanence.

Other name that has sounded is that of Machin but, as is logical, many of the trainers without work are currently eligible to be part of the list of futuribles. Although from the Alavés it has slipped that the reasons are economic, it gives the sensation that what Abelardo does not like is the project that can be prepared for the next campaign.

The club of Vitoria has economic limitations and is more seller than buyer . The exits of Ibai Gómez and Sobrino in the winter market affected the Asturian enough since none of the new ones has taken real protagonism in the team. Inui has gone from less to more, while Rolan (to a lesser extent) and Alex Blanco have barely counted for Gijón. The summer panorama could be similar and he prefers to pack his bags.

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