A triple final by Paul George knocks down the Rockets and turns the West upside down

The Thunder traced a game they had lost and the Rockets can finish fourth if they win Nuggets and Blazers tonight.

Jazz 118 - Nuggets 108

Victory sterile for the Jazz in their attempt to finish with field advantage. They are fifth, the only safe place among the top eight in the West next to the Warriors' lead before the last day. Against the Nuggets came Donovan Mitchell (46 + 7 + 4 + 2) and Rudy Gobert (20 + 10) was also very good. The two arrive at an excellent time to the qualifiers and along with Joe Ingles (10 + 6 + 13) it seems that they will be the pillars where the options of the Utah team will be supported. Favors returned (16 + 7) but Ricky still does not play. In Denver, second consecutive defeat, but all eyes were on Oklahoma, where they were awaiting the defeat of the Rockets. It seems that the play has come out of luxury. After 'letting themselves win' in Portland, now they see as if they win the Wolves next night and the Blazers do the same in Sacramento, the Houston team will finish fourth and avoid them until a hypothetical final.

Thunder 112 - Rockets 111

One of the games that can mark the future of the championship. The Houston Rockets, after swimming against the current after a very bad start, climbing positions little by little until standing in the zone of privilege of the West and even stalking the second place of the Nuggets, they look at the abyss of the fourth place and what it means facing the playoffs. In a game they had dominated for much of it and they threw overboard with a last pitiful quarter (32-18). Still, a miracle had to happen for the Thunder to win. Westbrook (29 + 12 + 10) got a triple 20 seconds from the end to put one of their own. After that play James Harden (39 + 10 + 3) went to the free throw line, but missed the second, his only fault from the staff throughout the game (12/13). The rebound fell to Westbrook, who could not ask for timeout and ran forward without being very clear what to do. A three against one was about to cause the loss of the ball, but managed to save possession and the ball ended up in the hands of Paul George (27 + 9 + 3 + 4) in a corner. The forward, with obvious problems in the shoulder (he had been treated on the bench during the game) did not think twice and nailed. One up and just over a second to play. The Rockets took off in the opposite field with one goal, to put the ball in the hands of Harden. The escort had George on top of him, which he took off with a swipe in a clear lack of action that did not go off, and he was able to shoot the triple frontal freed, but he failed again. Now Oklahoma has everything to avoid the Warriors until the final, while in Houston they will finish fourth if they win Nuggets and Blazers, which would condemn them to a road with Utah and the champions.

Lakers 101 - Blazers 104

With the Magic earthquake still In the environment, the Lakers returned to play a great game against a difficult opponent. The last night they ruined the accounts to the Jazz and they almost got it with the Blazers. Caldwell-Pope returned to leave (32 + 5 + 8), although in the last minutes the figure of Alex Caruso stood out, one of the revelations of this end of season. 12 points, 7 rebounds and 13 assists for him, who gave the reply to the baskets of the rival, but who lost the decisive ball in the last attack of his team. Seth Curry took it from his hands and the play ended in Maurice Harkless, who was going to put the triple that gave the victory to his own. Partidazo who scored the wing (26 + 8 and 4 blocks), who scored the first basket to win over the speaker of a player Blazers from the sixth game of first round of playoffs in 2014, when Damian Lillard gave the pass to the semifinals to yours. If Portland win tonight in Sacramento and so do the Nuggets, ahead of the Rockets and end third season regular.

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