A span of glory

Barça does the homework with goals from Aleñá and Suárez (penalty) and is three points away from the Alirón. Could be champion on Wednesday if the Atleti loses to Valencia.

Barça is only missing when. The League is three points that can fall this Wednesday if Atlético lose to Valencia. The glory is a hand's breadth after the Catalan team liquidated his visit to Mendizorroza with a 0-2 result of an unquestionable superiority in which the Valverde made an absolutely professional work. Aleñá and Suárez's penalty goals leave the title at hand.

That the game was a match ball in front of LaLiga was clear, but that Barça thinks about the Champions League, too. That's why Valverde, who had left Rakitic in Barcelona, left Messi, Lenglet, Arthur and Alba out on the bench.

Valverde's speech worked theoretically, but he lacked the finesse to define the planned plan because all the balls Sergi Roberto's superiority was spoiled because of his lack of touch with his left foot. El de Reus perfectly summed up the departure game of Barça: he did everything well except the lunge. Tactically he was impeccable forming an academic left wing to be able not more with Aleñá and Coutinho that contrasted with the right flank, where Vidal, Semedo and Dembélé were free souls who trusted everything to improvisation.

Barça saliño exerting a sterile monologue in which Pacheco conjured up the opportunities of Suarez and Coutinho at the start. These stops settled Alavés and discouraged a Barça who played and played without changing the pace. The locals trusted everything to their effectiveness in the stopped balls and Ely finished off a throw-in and a far head offense demonstrating such superiority as little effectiveness.

The party ran the risk of falling asleep, but the arsenal that Valverde had on the bench was a weapon that sooner or later the Blaugrana coach was going to have to use.

Abelardo was the first to move the bench by obligation to cause of the injury of Rolan, that was replaced by Brasanac.

Before introducing the artillery, the Blaugrana technician modified the arrangement of their sides by putting Roberto on the right to balance the game and ten minutes the facts proved him right . A progression of his dismantled the local defensive wall so that Suárez let pass the ball between his legs enabling Aleñá that beat Pacheco.

With the game downhill for Barcelona, Umtiti scored on offside to interfere a bit that was going to be from Piqué. The review of the play in the VAR discovered that before the auction Pina had touched the ball with his hand and what was a goal canceled by offside went to a penalty that Suárez transformed moments before Messi entered the field of game.

Gested the Barcelona from that moment the match with an absolute solvency despite playing in third and unintentionally ruthless before a rival with very few arguments to change the script of the game.

Ingresaron in the field Alba and Arthur with the idea of keeping the ball and not squeezing the accelerator conscious of waiting for Liverpool's challenge in the Champions League. LaLiga is in the oven about to be served on the plate. The glory is a span.

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