1x1 of Valencia: Lato and Parejo solved the process

The lateral scored early and eliminated any glimpse of Villarreal comeback. The captain scored for lack, after hitting the ball on the barrier.

Neto: He was very confident in the few games in which Valencia put him in trouble. Sober despite the rain and the state of the field were propitious to make a mistake.

Wass: Started from the side and ended in the center of the field. In both places it came out with an approved. It was about not making mistakes and that's how the Danish interpreted it.

Roncaglia: Much safer in his return to the central zone of the rear. It is his site and he proved it. However, it was not very demanded either. In the second part, he returned to the side, although by then the tie was already sentenced.

Diakhaby: He cut everything that came to him in his area, especially in the second half, when Villarreal attacked the most. He held Gerard Moreno well.

Lato: He scored his first goal for Valencia after receiving a good assist from Guedes and placing with the inside next to the post. The goal gave him confidence and sealed his area well despite the fact that Samu demanded him in the second half.

Ferran: Worker and speed on the right wing. He attempted to braid several dangerous attacks although he did not find any auctioneers most of the time. He finished in the left wing.

Carlos Soler: He returned to the center of the field and was quite active in the first part, helping in the construction of the ball. In the break he was replaced.

Parejo: He did his job and rested, halfway through the second half, waiting for bigger battles. He gave time to direct the team and to score a goal of fault, after giving the ball in Funes Mori.

Guedes: He submitted to the debutant Ratiu. He gave the assistance to Lato in the first goal and tried continuously. It also caused the lack of goal of Parejo. Debalancing in the rain.

Gameiro: He had the second in a vaseline that went narrowly and then another, with Andres out of the area. He tried to combine with Mina but in the second part they could hardly do it.

Santi Mina: Fight in the front without too much reward. In the first part tried the combination more than the auction. With the dead party, hardly anything came to him. He finished as a captain.


Paulista: He came out in the second half in the center of the defense and was quite good on top. No complications.

Coquelin: He went out to rest Parejo with the sole purpose of not committing a card. And he saw it by a hand that came from rebound.

Kang In: In his last game this season with Valencia he barely touched the ball. He tried it in the discount with a left-handed.

Photos from as.com
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