1x1 of Valencia: Guedes puts the first pike in the Villamarín

The Portuguese scored two goals in the place where the final of the Copa del Rey will be held on May 25 to put Valencia two points behind the fourth.

Neto: Another savior in the last minutes. The first important intervention was after a header by Junior. He stopped well placed. The second, in the 81 ', a cross shot of Tello. Also stop. And from there, a wall. To Sergio León, to Laínez. All stops. All blockings.

Wass: One of his best games as a side. He put a line in his band and in attack he chose his rises with intelligence to surprise. He missed connecting with the forwards in their centers. In the end, he helped to drain water, in the face of the continuous attacks of Betis.

Garay: He returned to provide a hierarchy in the center of defense. He took out several side centers for the Betis players. Blocked, in 23 ', a shot that smelled of Jesse's goal.

Paulista: Caused the penalty. He extended his arm too much and the ball hit him. Another penalty against Valencia by some hands in the area. Until then he was quite firm in defense, along with Garay.

Gayà: Very demanded by Joaquín, Lo Celso and Láinez, in the second half. He was firm although in the final part he needed help. Marcelino introduced Lato and between them they could solve the ballot.

Carlos Soler: Work and push, but without too much brightness. Good center, on the edge of rest to Mina, which gave way to a few minutes of domain ché. Little more important throughout the game.

Coquelin: A lung for Parejo when he is. Balanced the team and very important when cutting attacks of the rival. He combed, as soon as the second half started, a ball that almost became the 0-2. Rodrigo did not arrive.

Parejo: He gave Guedes the assistance of the second goal, with a very intelligent open corner. He ended up exhausted and he can see a fair amount of gasoline. While he could, he led with mastery, especially in the moments in which Valencia had the ball.

Cheryshev: Just fight for left wing. In the time he was in the field, Valencia did not see it. He retired injured, after half an hour, after making a bad gesture the knee.

Guedes: The Ducati has returned. Eight goals in 10 games. Today two goals. It started at the point, where he barely smelled it. With the departure of Rodrigo, he turned left. And from there, first scored a great goal, getting rid of two defenses and throwing a right hand, from outside the area, which came close to the post and was the 0-1. Just start the second half, control and whiplash from outside the area, again, for the 0-2.

Santi Mina: Piecework, especially in the second half. Topped a good center of Soler at the first post. It was the play that stretched to Valencia.


Rodrigo: He came out upset. He did not celebrate the first goal of Guedes and was disconnected at all times. At the beginning of the second half, he did not quite reach a Coquelin hairstyle. He was expelled by double yellow.

Lato: He played ahead of Gayà and did what he could to stop the attacks of Betis on the right side.

Gameiro: He had the third, on a counter, on 86 '. But he did not know what to do with Bartra. He fired without faith.

Photos from as.com
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