1x1 of Valencia: General wreck at the worst moment

Ferran Torres missed two clear chances at the beginning and Parejo missed a penalty. A rude mistake by Diakhaby sank a fragile Valencia.

Neto: He conceded a goal in the only one that Rayo had, in the first half. This time there was no miracle and although he threw himself to avoid the auction of De Tomás could not cut the ball. In the second half, he was safe in a couple of approaching Rayo and took the lamp with one hand before De Tomás.

Roncaglia: He was very uncomfortable on the right side although he did not have any rude errors. He never joined the attack. Failed trial of a Roncaglia that started as a central shot and has suffered on both sides.

Paulista: He pulled out several dangerous balls and went to the cross with excellence, in the first part. In the line of a very soft defense. Error clamorous in 89 'that had to solve Neto.

Diakhaby: Calamitoso. He was alone on Rayo's goal. He solved it and got back into another mess. Embarba stole it and surpassed it in speed. A disaster in the central area of the rear.

Gayà: Unknown. Something loose before the greater physical capacity of Baby. In the second half he was in one from the band and was about to mean the second. Neither in attack nor in defense. His physical, diminished by the numerous matches in a row.

Ferran: He could score two goals in the first minutes. He had the first one, after stopping it with his chest and crossing it too much. The goalkeeper touched it. Right after another one. Alberto got on him. Those two occasions weighed him and he did nothing else in the whole game until he replaced Marcelino.

Kondogbia: Of the few that kept the guy. It had to multiply to cover holes. Spectacular long pass that left only Ferran, input. He had it at the beginning of the second half but it went up after a center-chut Cheryshev.

Parejo: Very blurred. In addition, the launching of the maximum penalty failed. He threw the penalty very soft and Alberto guessed the intentions. In the second part, he had another, after a wall with Gameiro, who also stopped Alberto. Suspense after his master class against Madrid.

Cheryshev: No mordant. All their centers fell short, as if they had no strength. In the second half, double shot that Kondogbia sent up. It fell excessively in offside. Bad performance.

Rodrigo: Imprecise with the ball, but whenever he catches it, the defenses recede a meter. He was the object of the penalty that Parejo failed. In the second half, he forced a couple of dangerous fouls but was replaced by Marcelino when he was better.

Mina: A little bit of Galician beyond his usual fight. The only thing, a shot at the half-turn after a center from the left, in the first half.


Guedes: He tried to revolutionize the game in pursuit of the comeback. Nice shot from outside the area, just leave. His quality did not create too many occasions.

Gameiro: Great wall, head, to leave alone to Parejo before Alberto. Nothing more.

Wass: He left to attack and the only thing he did was lose an aerial duel against Mario Suárez that meant the 2-0.

Photos from as.com
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