1x1 of Sevilla: Without gafes, the can always ends up being opened

Caparrós ranks his eleven gala, retrieves his talisman Carriço and the golea team by the hand of Munir and returns to leave his goal to zero

Carparros took out his eleven gala and the team responded with an encounter full of occasions but in which the can was not opened until the second half. Munir was the man of the match, escorted by Sarabia.

Vaclik: He did not have to intervene in any difficulty play.

Navas: The right lane was a highway that climbed and climbed and climbed. Good game of the palatial, who played with knee pains and that was why he was replaced in the second part.

Mercado: Sober and without making any concession. His renewal must be addressed before the end of the season.

Carriço: A spectacular first part, in which while his teammates failed goals he was in charge of cutting everything around the Sevilla area. Heavyweight detail in the locker room of his hug to Ben Yedder after his goal.

Promes: He was doing another one of those games in which he seems to never do what the game calls for, but opened the can in a complicated shot and that's what counts.

Sarabia: Singing with the minutes, a magnificent second part culminated in which he distributed two assists.

Banega: His yellow of each match but much safer with the ball in the feet than in the last shocks They did not assimilate him and his football looked.

Roque Table: Disappeared in the first half, he appeared briskly in the second to dominate the center of the field.

Franco Vázquez: With little shine but his feet passed much of the cons of Seville. Pity their lack of bellows to define.

Munir: Partidazo without further qualifiers. Enables Promes the first, scored the second and third, and gave Ben Yedder the fourth.

Ben Yedder: Failing what is not customary, but taking off the pressure with a goal that arrived with suspense.


Rog: He broke lines interestingly in a couple of plays.

Aleix Vidal: Caparrós wants to put him in the film.

Bryan Gil: He came out with the match resolved but ready to squeeze every minute as if it were the last. As he has been doing since he debuted. And he found the prize of the fifth goal, in which he sent Amat for tobacco before scoring.

Photos from as.com
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