1x1 of Madrid: Benzema lethal, Casemiro recovered

The forward signed a brilliant match, with three goals in the second half. The Brazilian, omnipresent. Brahim lifted the stadium in two minutes. Vallejo, good.

Keylor: little work for the tico, just lateral centers and some center shot that solved well. It also unfolded successfully when it comes to giving continuity to the game with the feet. In the final moments he took the 2-1 to Williams in a low shot that cleared with the foot.

Carvajal: well in defense short-ties to Cordoba and Yuri, although with little influence in attack, despite the fact that he launched to support Lucas Vázquez provided the atmosphere was favorable.

Varane: great match of the French, leader of the rear in the absence of Ramos. He cut what came and took the weight of the ball almost always. He transmitted security, Raul Garcia and Williams did not beat him at any time. Omnipresent by high.

Vallejo: started the game very nervous with the ball, symptom of the long inactivity that drag. With the passage of minutes settled, but always delegated to Varane, Casemiro or Kroos to risk the ball minimally. In the anticipation and the cut was very fine, avoiding even a goal sung by Williams seconds before Benzema made it 1-0. Minutes of quality for the Aragonese.

Marcelo: his presence up is constant and even was animated with the auction inside the area, twice, both without aiming. Back left spaces, but without falling into the exaggerations of other times. The problem lies in his lack of form to do the damage that he used in the one against one; his contribution above is still discreet, although there are green shoots.

Casemiro: emerged clearly victorious in the battle that confronted him with Raúl García; the Navarrese could hardly deploy his game of second plays, extensions, backs actions ... To a great extent, due to the work of the Brazilian, a physical point over which he had been having. An improvement that in his case is noticeable a barbarity.

Kroos: gave a little in conducts in which he risked the ball, but in return showed great security in the pass and good deployment to support Modric in the creation. He saw the yellow for an obscene grip on Muniain and seconds later he left, leaving the place to Isco, in 69 '. After the 1-0, he had a clear chance to score, but the shot went slightly off, after a poor initial control.

Modric: first half more discreet, drowned by the pressure of the lions, much better in the second, giving dynamism to the white attack with its changes of pace and its security to move the ball from the front. In addition, it was next to Benzema the main actor of the white pressure; the years did not weigh on the Croatian, who also attended Benzema in the 2-0.

Lucas Vázquez: well in defense as always, the Galician never wrinkles. Worse in attack, he lacked finesse to specify actions in which he could do damage. Always fulfills, but it is hard to emphasize.

Benzema: follows the monologue of the French, this time better accompanied. The striker is at one point in an amazing way, one of the best since he wears white, and Madrid is grateful: another three goals, he has 30 and it is his second best season in white (after 32 of the 2011-12) ; in LaLiga there are 21, beating Luis Suárez and being only behind the 33 of Messi. The first two were of head, goals of nine pure: one to center of Asensio and another one in a corner sent by Modric. In addition, he left a house hat to Yeray that hallucinated the Bernabéu and always showed inspiration to give continuity to the white game, either against or playing on his back. He closed the game with a subtle touch from the front to mark an empty goal, with Herrerín out of place. Closed ovation from the stadium to the Gaul after the third; his final sprint of the year will probably be worth his continuity in the Madrid eleven of the future.

Asensio: without being his best game, he saw what is the Balearic: he served the 1-0 to Benzema with a perfect center, measured. He was not precise in the dribbling and he lacked the courage to shoot on favorable occasions, but he usually secured the ball and gave continuity to the plays and along the way he took an assist, in addition to a roulette in the band that lifted the Bernabéu. He left the site to Brahim at 84.

Isco: entered the 69th minute by Kroos. Brahim served him a good ball for the 3-0 that did not take advantage, got too much in control.

Bale: entered the 69th minute by Lucas Vázquez. Odd game, because without being very good the Welshman caused the corner that would end in the 2-0 and attended Benzema in the 3-0. He had his own goal in a one-on-one, but he went past it and the ball went high.

Brahim: entered the 84th minute by Asensio, he placed himself on the left and in less than two minutes he made magic: he served a goal cif done to Isco and then almost scored after dribbling in the area. The Bernabéu erupted in applause, has the look of a player who, by style, fits in white philosophy.

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