1x1 of Espanyol: Roca and Víctor Sánchez stand out in the Ciutat

Espanyol draw after going ahead on the scoreboard twice.

Diego López: Correct in general terms, he doubted too much in the departures.

Javi López: He complied with leftovers and dried the right band of the east. Stole some key ball.

Hermoso: In addition to the defensive solidity generated a double chance for a clear goal. Suffered in the second half.

Naldo: The continuity in the eleven is showing to be its best showcase. Another good match of the central.

Pedrosa: The most demanded of the back, Morales generated danger from his band. Imprecise in attack.

Marc Roca: The VAR 'stole' a goal but did not frustrate the second. Necessary footballer in the midfield of Espanyol.

Víctor Sánchez: Robó, pressed and distributed the ball. Of the players more in the form of the team. Excellent match.

Darder: Little came into play and lost a ball that cost the second goal.

Melendo: At the level of the rest of his teammates, did not clash but did not stand out. And usually do.

Puado: He made good leads but was always wrong in the final action, either a pass or a shot.

Borja: Added another goal to his particular account, this beautiful bill. He could kill the match in the second half.


Hernán. Shot to the post after a great play.

Álex López: He lost a dangerous ball.

Sergio: No vote.

Photos from as.com
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